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Rhenus in Switzerland: Quality and Variety

Switzerland is one of the nations where foreign trade plays an extremely important role in the country’s gross domestic product. So logistics is one of the most important sectors. Rhenus Alpina, one of the leading providers of logistics services in Switzerland, offers the complete range of logistics solutions from one source.

Infrastructure bottlenecks and the general ecological cond itions have forced businesses to manage flows of goods in the Alpine region e fficiently, in an ecologically sensible and reliable manner. The Rhenus Al pina AG companies have the means, the expertise and the well trained member s of staff to achieve all this. Thanks to the outstanding infrastructur e at the specially selected 18 Rhenus Alpina business locations, it is possible to switch goods from one mode of transport to another efficiently. Flexi ble warehouse and loading and unloading facilities, high-performance and guaranteed transportation capacities in addition to modern IT struct ures manage the flows of goods in a flexible and reliable way. 

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