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  • Rhenus Logistics China – Contract Logistics

Managing complex logistics processes

Rhenus Greater China offers warehousing solutions suitable for the most complex of supply chains. Our own dedicated warehouses located in the key regions of Hong Kong, Shanghai and Shenzhen, are well equipped to handle client’s requests, even during peak seasons. Additionally, our IT driven warehouse management system reduces the need for paperwork and human errors, making our services even more efficient. Rhenus assists partners in creating quantifiable business significance and generating returns through effective process execution and administration of end-to-end supply chain solutions.

Value Added Services for Bonded and Non-Bonded Warehouses

  • Quantity Control
  • Quality Inspection Center
  • Inventory Control
  • Processing, Pick & Pack
  • Labeling & Bar-coding
  • Invoicing
  • Re-export
  • Supply Chain Management

IT Competence: Our own warehouse management system

Rhenus China warehousing competency is IT-driven and we can operate efficient warehousing for your goods using our own Rhenus Warehouse Management System. As a result of operating multi-user centers, we are able to absorb peak workloads in seasonal business sectors by using our resources in a flexible manner. The WMS system can help improve the overall operation efficiency in the following aspects:

  • The systems can be fully integrated and applied to specific requirements of the customers.
  • The system is web-based when needed and features multiple access points for customers without compromising data safety and security/confidentiality.
  • Optimized and directed task management and decreased non-productive time.
  • Improved inventory accuracy, visibility and rotation leads to less lost, damaged and obsolete inventory.
  • Enhanced customer experience through improved speed, accuracy and reliability.
  • Integrated labor productivity and profitability through engineering standards in a unified commerce context.

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