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  • Rhenus Logistics China – Freight Logistics

    Freight Logistics

    No matter in which parts of the world your freight will be delivered – your recipient will reach you by land, sea and air without any problems.

  • Rhenus Logistics China – Contract Logistics

    Contract Logistics

    As a specialist for Contract Logistics we take care of complete overall concepts so that you can concentrate on your main business.

  • Rhenus Logistics China – Port Logistics

    Port Logistics

    Our Port Logistics offers you an efficient, complete overall concept for your individual procurement- and distribution requirements.

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1. Rhenus China  
Freight Logistics We Deliver the Goods Contract Logistics We optimize your supply chain Port Logistics We connect continents Rhenus Logistics China  
2. Data Protection Declaration  
Data Protection Policy I.  Name and address of the controller The controller in the sense of the General Data Protection Regulation and other national data protection laws in the member states...  
3. Contact  
Rhenus Warehousing Solutions Asia, Shanghai Office 8th Floor Zhonghuan Modern Building No. 468 Xinhui Road, Putuo District Shanghai 200060 P.R. China Fon + 86 21 6330 8590 Fax + 86 21 6330 8525 ...  
4. About us  
About us – Rhenus Logistics China Ltd. Rhenus Logistics has a comprehensive logistics network, covering the entire Asia-Pacific region. We hold the Class-A license, which authorizes us to engage in...  
5. Career  
Your career with Rhenus Logistics China As a fast growing global logistics provider we continuously are pushing to move forward not just in Europe, but also in emerging markets such as China. Within...  
6. Transport Logistics  
Airfreight Rhenus Logistics uses first class air carriers, ensuring quickest possible transit times Direct consolidation Direct IATA Full and split charter Quick pick-up and delivery Customs...  
7. Warehouse Logistics  
Our solutions in terms of bonded- and non-bonded warehousing Quantity control Quality inspection center Inventory control Processing, pick & pack Labeling & bar-coding Invoicing Tracking...  
8. Transhipment Logistics  
Transhipment Logistics – At home on rivers and oceans Shipping has traditionally played a major role at Rhenus. We launched our logistics services on the Rhine – and our company still uses the Latin...  
9. Picture credits  
Picture credits The following is a list of picture credits for pictures, photos, videos that are featured on our website: http://www.cn.rhenus.com and its subpages. The mentioning of credits...  
10. Thank you  
Thank you for your request Dear sender, We will contact you as soon as possible. Your Rhenus-Team  
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Rhenus Logistics China Ltd.
8th Floor
Zhonghuan Modern Building
No. 468 Xinhui Road, Putuo District
Shanghai 200060
P.R. China
Fon + 86 21 6330 8590
Fax + 86 21 6330 8525
E-Mail: info@cn.rhenus.com