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Rhenus Logistics CZ - Paper

Paper – All around us!

Paper is integral part of our everyday life. Paper cup for tea or coffee, a newspaper or a stack of papers on our desk. Paper is all around us. People around the world consume about 400 million tons every year. Rhenus Logistics is a long-time provider of paper logistics. A Czech division of paper logistics transports thousands of tons of paper from major paper mills in North Europe into the Czech Republic every year. Manipulation with bulky and heavy paper rolls requires special handling equipment. This equipment enables Rhenus Logistics to provide quality and reliable paper distribution service within the Czech Republic. Paper logistics is not only ensuring the distribution and storage. Not less important is reverse logistics of paper intended for recycling. This paper waste, transported especially to East Asia, contributes to the reduction of the overall environmental burden of paper production. Our paper logistics is currently focused to newsprint paper, paper packaging and office paper. Our paper logistics service includes storage, domestic and international transportation and handling in modern logistics centres.

Newsprint paper

Newsprint is usually distributed in large and heavy rolls. This requires special handling equipment that Rhenus Logistics is equipped by in its modern logistic centres. This allows Rhenus to provide modern paper logistics for leading newspaper printing plants.

In additional to standard newsprint paper we stores and distributes waxed or coated paper for premium prints.

Packaging material

Packaging paper is usually transported in large and heavy rolls like newsprint paper and requires special handling equipment. In addition to paper rolls, Rhenus Logistics deals with cardboard rolls and cardboard plates, honeycomb paper, unfolded cardboard boxes or cushioning material. For customers who require more than packaging material we offer design and realization of packaging in our logistics centres.

Office paper

Rhenus logistics targets its services not only to big processors but also for companies who cooperate with end customers. We deal with wholesale supplies as well as small consignments of paper for offices or retail chain. Thanks to Rhenus Home Delivery we offer our customers a wide range of value added services tailored to their inbound and outbound logistics requirements.

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