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Rhenus Logistics CZ - Industrial goods

Industrial goods – Full service support!

Industrial goods can take many forms. Light and bulky components for the automotive industry, chemical substances in different states as well as oversized investment units. Logistic service requirements are as various as industrial goods. Deliveries to warehouse or directly into the production line. Express deliveries, time windows, delivery modes just-in-time and just-in-sequence. This is just a brief outline of situations that may occur in industrial production. We support you by tailored logistic chain solutions. Due to our experience and modern logistics centres we are able to fulfil all logistics requirements. Whether you require international shipping, domestic distribution or complete supply chain management, we will design and realize the logistical concept for you.

IT support

Modern supply chains can't do without the support of information systems. Our IT specialists ensure the interconnection of customers' ERP or logistics system with our internal system, that gives customer instant overview about inventory movements.

Inbound logistics

Inbound logistics performs material and components supply of production companies. Rhenus Logistics provides comprehensive inbound logistics services including just-in-time and just-in-sequence modes. Our customers are car manufacturers and other companies from the automotive sector. Long-term cooperation with leading European automakers is the best proof of the quality of our services.

Outbound logistics

Outbound logistics is engaged in distribution of products from the producer to the final consumer. Rhenus Logistics offers a comprehensive outbound logistics services starting with the design of the distribution system and ending with its physical implementation. Our outbound logistics customers are white goods and consumer electronics manufacturers, beverage producers and office supplies distributors.


Logistics for the automotive sector requires the highest standard of logistics services. Technology just-in-time and just-in-sequence are proof of that. Rhenus Logistics provides full service inbound and outbound logistics for leading European automakers and manufacturers of OEM parts.

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