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Rhenus Logistics CZ - Intermodal traffic

Intermodal traffic – The highest level of optimization!

Every transport mode has advantages and disadvantages. Road transport is unbeatable in the last mile due to the flexibility and availability. Rail and Maritime Transport achieve considerable savings in transport over long distances. Intermodal transportation combines the advantages of each mode and increases the overall efficiency of transport. Not least important is the lower environmental burden of intermodal transport.

It is our aim to plan the transport chains in such a way that the relevant strengths of the individual modes of transport are used to the best possible degree along the individual sections of the route.

Intermodal transport is a kind of combined transport, in which several means of transport are used for one transport unit. Transport units are usually ISO or inland containers, semi-trailers or swap body. Each mode of transport is exposed to other transport documents.

Our services:

  • Export and Import worldwide service
  • Full container load – FCL
  • All kinds of ISO containers
  • Rail connection to sea terminals
  • Rail siding
  • Value added services
  • Door to Door; Door to Port transports
  • Affordable insurance
  • Complete processing of documentation
  • Customs clearance and consulting service

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