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Rhenus Logistics CZ - Cross-dock


Solving task of distributing your products to distant destinations as well as to the Czech Republic? Need to transport many small shipments and FTL is unnecessary expensive for you? Don’t need long-term storage? Then, our cross-dock service will suit you perfectly. Thanks to three modern logistic centers and cross-dock distributionsystem we are able to provide services throughout the Czech Republic and Europe with reasonable price.

What is a cross-dock?

Cross-dock is a logistic technology that is used for acceleration of supply and distribution chains and reduce its costs. The main idea of cross-dock technology is a shipment with minimal handling and storage. This provides a faster delivery and cost-effectiveness. Previously cross-dock was understood as a movement of products from producer to customer. Over time, a lot of value added services became a part of cross-dock. Today cross-dock technology is a part of many modern logistic chains. Currently we distinguish following types of cross-dock technology:

  • Production cross-docking – Includes pickup of material and components and delivery to the plant. It may include pre-assembly or proper arrangement for just-in-sequence production mode.
  • Distribution cross-docking: Includes transport of consolidated shipments from one or more manufacturers to HUB where the shipments are deconsolidated and classified into various directions and then delivered to customers.

Rhenus Logistics offers both types of Cross-docking.

Rhenus Logistics has reserved 6,000 m² for cross-dock in three modern HUB centers, where 10,000 items are handled every month. We understand the diversity of requirements of individual customers. Therefore, we offer individual tailored solutions for every customer.

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