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Introducing our Tender Management Team Europe

Cristina Alvarez, Unas Owusu, Sachin Nataraj

Since August 2018, they have been dealing with the task of centrally controlling all European tenders and developing a comprehensive strategy for optimizing processes. According to Sachin, every RFQ has its own peculiarities that create changes in the working environment and that is why it constantly brings with it new incentives and challenges. The goal is clear: "We are working hard to optimize the tendering process. Our goal is to provide optimal solution to customer RFQ’s."

The tasks of the Air & Ocean Tender Management Team in Europe include the analysis of RFQ requirements, which provides information on Go / No-Go decisions in cooperation with the central product team, accorunt owner and other personals. This requires the team to mediate between the respective parties and to manage appropriate feedback.

Depending on the region, RFI / RFQ interviews are conducted to provide comparability. Based on this, the tender team develops an offer with the appropriate pricing structure.

The primarily desired risk minimization and maximization of tender effects often lead to tight deadlines with regard to changes in circumstances. Due to that and all the more important to keep up-to-date by obtaining feedback on submitted RFI / RFQs and, finally, at regular intervals to record this on a reporting basis.

The Tender Team is currently working on the automation of quotation tools, forecasting of costs for long term validity, the probability of success ratio in winning the tenders, sugar reports, and Qliksense analysis. In addition, a uniform scoring system will be introduced which categorizes tenders on the basis of defined criteria. Also, the creation of a database for RFI´s is planned and all tender related information will be published in Wiki.

What is particularly interesting for them is the fact that they get a heads up on information of all the logistical changes taking place worldwide and learning new things every day. Examples include IMO 2020, political issues and bilateral trade agreements between countries.

Concluding the interview the Team especially did point out the healthy work environment. Their colleagues are motivated and cooperative, which is an impeccable base for daily operations.

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