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Dirty Hands – Clean Rivers

Preserving and protecting our environment tops the importance agenda globally and for single entities. Vital part of sustainable living are our rivers and seas. As Rhenus Logistics derives its name from the Latin pendant for Rhine, the second largest river in Western Europe, it was a matter of heart for Rhenus to participate in cleaning rivers. Thus, the logistics provider partnered with the NGO river-cleanup.org to take on their first projects.

Last week, Rhenus Logistics participated in the cleaning events in Indonesia and Cambodia. Together with other volunteers and neighbours, many members from the local Rhenus offices started to tidy the riverbed and install waste-filter devices provided by the NGO Plastic Fischer.

 Every single hand is needed kg of trash enter our oceans every year, and 80% derives from the largest 100 rivers worldwide. To reduce the enormous pollution of seas and oceans, cleaning the rivers is a preventive step to stop trash before it reaches major water bodies. “It’s shocking how everywhere you look is plastic. The river banks are full of plastic bags, bottles, wrappings. But what’s even more shocking: I have to admit, after an hour I get used to it. Probably that’s the only way how to process the great amount of waste.” Thomas De Groote, Founder of River-Clean-Up, describes the circumstances at the Citarum River in Bandung, Indonesia, where the volunteers installed the so-called Trashboom.

Every helping hand was needed to install the Trashboom

The Trashboom is a device from the German start-up Plastic Fischer and consists only of locally available materials, so they do not depend on the shipping of parts and customs. The elements are made of PVC pipes as floater, whereas galvanized stainless steel mesh functions as catching net to stop floating waste in the rivers. Between six and twelve segments are connected and spanned between both sides of the riverbanks. For the installation, many people are necessary because the Trashboom is bulky, and it’s challenging to bring it in the most efficient position. Installing the Trashboom showed the power of combined forces, and the strength of the joint endeavour shined greatly.

A great start for future projects ahead

The Rhenus members eager to make their hands dirty and the rivers clean.


The two events in Cambodia and Indonesia showed significant results. The teams collected over one hundred bags of debris. This material is now correctly disposed of and does not pollute the planet’s oceans. The cooperation between River-Clean-Up and Rhenus was a considerable success which both parties like to repeat. As there is certainly much more work to do, Rhenus is looking forward to expand the cooperation in 2020 globally.

Want to participate as well? Find all the information and contact details here: https://www.river-cleanup.org/en

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