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What do you enjoy most about your job? What is important to you?

I enjoy all aspects of my job very much and that is just as important to me. People work to finance their livelihood and it is then important that the chosen profession also gives pleasure. After all, you spend most of the day at work.

What challenges did the apprenticeship bring? How did you master them?

The written exams were certainly the biggest challenge for me. I took an extra week off work so that I had enough time and peace to prepare and to learn. That worked very well.

What was your personal best / nicest / funniest event during the training?

I cannot limit this to a single event. I have always had a lot of fun and friends at work, especially with my colleagues. The great working atmosphere has carried me through the entire training.

What interests you especially in the logistics? Would you recommend the apprenticeship to others?

Logistics is, in my opinion, incredibly exciting and varied like no other commercial occupation. Without logistics, the world today would not work the way it does. I would recommend this profession to anyone who cares about our world and its people because it gives incredibly great insights into our daily business and allows us to actively participate.n for our common goal.”

Is there something encouraging you want to say to other young women?

For a long time, I thought logistics was a pure male domain, as many other jobs may even be today. But the leaf has turned. As a woman today, one should not be afraid to take up such a profession. 

What would you advise other trainees / new apprentices or help them along the way? Is there a recipe for success?

I think there is no recipe for success that fits everyone. If you enjoy your apprenticeship and always stay tuned, sometimes privately, you will not have any problems mastering the training.

How did your professional life continue after the training?

After the apprenticeship, I was taken over by my branch and worked there as a clerk in the field of sea freight export. After that, I started a dual education system at Rhenus in the field of business administration – freight forwarding, transport and logistics.

Did you have the impression that a lot of responsibility was transferred to you then and now?

I think that I have always been able to prove myself in the company and therefore have often been given responsibility.

Which projects are you currently working on at Rhenus?

At the moment I am in the theoretical phase of my studies and am therefore working full-time at the university. From April on, I will support the ROCS-team (Rhenus Operational Control System) in the headquarters in my practice phase, which I am really looking forward to.

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