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Trade Lane Manager USA & Canada

Oliver began working at Rhenus Air & Ocean as a sales manager and is now responsible for the trade lanes between Germany and the USA/Canada. Read the interview below to discover how Oliver came to join Rhenus and what his work is like at the company.

Why did you decide to join Rhenus Logistics?

After I’d completed my apprenticeship to become a management assistant in freight forwarding and logistics, I decided to stay on at my old employer and continue working there. I held a number of positions – at one stage I was team leader of a control tower – and it was a successful time for me but after three years I wanted to get to know another company. An old colleague of mine told me about Rhenus. I knew after my interview that joining this growing international logistics company would be the right step to take for my career. And that is how I came to join Rhenus as a sales manager in its Air & Ocean division in 2013.

What Projects are you currently working on at Rhenus Logistics?

I was appointed Trade Lane Manager USA in January 2017 and am now responsible for developing our air and ocean business between Germany and the USA. This is really interesting work and involves a whole number of tasks, such as growing the collaboration work with our long-standing partners, acquiring new customers, developing our air and ocean products and supporting my colleagues in both the sales and operational Departments.

What opportunities are there at Rhenus Logistics for you?

Rhenus Logistics is a global company that believes in supporting and training its staff so they can take on more responsibility. This is especially true for its young employees who are offered a whole range of targeted measures to develop their know-how and skills in this fast-moving and rapidly growing transport and logistics sector. Thanks to the company’s youth development and leadership programmes and the bespoke career plans drawn up for each individual employee, everyone knows exactly what direction they’re heading in

How has your Career progressed at Rhenus Logistics so far?

I took my first step up the career ladder when I moved from Rhenus Logistics area sales division to join its trade lane management team. Looking back, I certainly made the right decisions at the right time as far as my development and career are concerned.
What’s more, I also act as a mentor for the sales employees coming through our German ‘Junior Sales Manager Programme’. This programme is yet another example of just how important youth development is at the company. I would certainly recommend that any employee who enjoys working in sales should find out more about this project and plan the next stage of their career.

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