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Opening more doors for newcomers with big dreams.

At Rhenus, trust is our greatest asset. And to grow that trust, we assign new graduates responsibilities in record time-while supporting them with a variety of training courses and development programs. Whether you join us as a trainee or step directly into a vacant position, you can be sure of one thing: we welcome your fresh ideas, eagerness to try out new things and dedication to search for alternative solutions, either as part of a team or simply with a focus on carving out your personal career in our world of logistics. We are at your side every step of the way, giving you everything you need for a successful start: look forward to fair treatment in a warm, friendly environment as you embark on exciting assignments and projects in one of our four business units. Sounds like a dream start into working life? Then it's time to make it a reality, with Rhenus.

Trainee-Programs - Start your career with the big-picture.

You have invested a lot of time and energy in your studies. Now you are looking for an employer who is ready to match that commitment in helping you get your career off to a successful start? Look no further. Rhenus Trainee-Programs are open to everyone wishing to explore the full activity spectrum of a global player in the logistics industry.

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And since they also aim to thoroughly groom candidates for future management positions, we are looking for people who aspire to leadership roles in global logistics. What's more, our Trainee-Programs present a unique window on multiple areas of the business, allowing you to deepen your understanding of our operations and build up your very own network. By the end of the Program, you'll have gained an overview of selected business units and, with your 360-degree picture of Rhenus, will have the edge when it comes to taking the company forward. 

Our Trainee-Programs are characterized by their focus on the ability to act independently coupled with an international mindset and strong support structures. Your capacity to go it alone will prove invaluable when you are actively involved in day-to-day business and entrusted with challenging assignments. Since you will be part of the global Rhenus trainee network from the outset, an international mindset is a must-especially if you are keen on doing a stay abroad. Finally, the support you receive comes in the shape of extensive training courses, regular trainee events and the counsel of a seasoned mentor to systematically steer you from strength to strength.

Our Trainee-Programs run for between 18 and 24 months. The "Step forward!" Trainee-Program caters to positions in management and sales. There are also other business units Trainee-Programs that have a specialized focus. Read on to find out what you can expect from the "Step forward!" Trainee-Program.

Management Trainee-Program "Step forward!" - Logistics

You will get to know in detail our four business areas Contract Logistics, Freight Logistics und Port Logistics:

  • Six-months projects with varying and interesting challenges
  • Example projects: Supporting in building up a new warehouse, optimizing processes within the port and planning of international transport networks
  • Taking over early responsibility and as a team member bringing in own ideas
  • Gaining international experience through a stay abroad

Management Trainee-Program "Step forward!" - Air & Ocean

Become part of our global Air & Ocean teams and within the 24-months Trainee-Program get to know the diversity of the Freight Logistics of an international logistics service provider:

  • Six-months projects with varying and interesting challenges
  • Getting to know the different domestic as well as international operational areas of the Air & Ocean
  • Gaining international experiences and build up a global network
  • Taking over early responsibility and implementing own ideas

Management Trainee-Program "Step forward!" - Finance & Controlling

Obtain a detailed insight into the finance world of an international logistics service provider:

  • Diverse project tasks with varying and interesting challenges
  • Insight into International Corporate Finance, Merger & Acquisitions or the Affiliates Controlling
  • Supporting with the annual closing, creating analyses, calculating investment projects and valuating corporations
  • Exciting projects inland or internationally
  • Taking on early responsibility and implementing own ideas

Management Trainee-Program - Automotive

Within the 24-months Trainee-Program you will get to know the diversity of the Rhenus Automotive at two different sites:

  • Example projects: Optimization of material flow planning, creation of layouts or operation and control of process analysis
  • communicate with customers and lead quality systems
  • be integrated into daily business and take over process and personnel responsibility step by step
  • gain broad experience in start-up assistance and operational handling of new automotive projects

Sales Trainee-Program "Step forward!"

Take in the full spectrum of sales at Rhenus and gain insights into our various strategies, including:

  • Location-specific sales: for example, at one of our Freight or Port Logistics sites.
  • Product-specific sales: for example, Office Systems or Home Delivery.
  • Industry-specific sales: for example, Specialty Shipping or the Offshore Division.
  • Project and/or tender-related sales: for example, in the Tender Management Division.
  • Key Account Management.

You will also have the option of doing an operative stint in a suitably broad-spectrum shipping department. Plus, we want you to get a real feel for our centralized sales locations, such as the sales coordination work done at our headquarters in Holzwickede, Germany.

Sound interesting? Then send us your application. Note that your application must reach us by the very latest at the end of January or July in order for you to be accepted into the respective Trainee-Programs starting in April and October. Please attach a letter of motivation, your résumé, your transcript of records or other academic reports as well as any job references in electronic form.

Direct entry - Yesterday student, tomorrow employee.

Itching to make your mark on the world of work? Think it is time you got in on the action and swapped lecture rooms for conference rooms? At Rhenus, we are excited about every newcomer who brings passion and dedication to delivering the (logistical) goods. Which is why we believe you should be able to step directly into immediate vacancies in one of our four business units.

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Entry-level positions as an assistant or in project management, for instance, are regularly advertised. What better way for young professionals to show what they are capable of? And for those with grand ambitions of climbing the corporate ladder, it is possible to rise high: within Rhenus it is not unusual that new graduates often go on to become tomorrow's leaders. Of course, a career in management is not the only way to get ahead. Specializing as an expert will also put you well on your way to shaping things in your field.

Key facts at a glance.

So how can you apply for a direct entry? You can either respond to an advertisement for new graduates or submit a unsolicited application. Of particular interest to us are qualifications in logistics, business administration, computer science and engineering management. As far as our expectations in terms of previous experience and background knowledge go, it is virtually impossible to generalize requirements. While candidates hoping to take up a position in project management should ideally have some background in logistics, this is not absolutely necessary in other jobs. And how about if you are changing your career direction? We like to keep an eye out for interesting résumés as well as unconventional fields of experience and expertise. Above all, we are looking for dedicated, highly motivated individuals who are receptive to new things and capable of getting things done under their own steam.

Sound interesting? Then send us your application well in advance-preferably using our online application form. Please attach a letter of motivation, your résumé and your transcript of records or other academic reports in electronic form as well as any job references. Remember: your letter of motivation should indicate as specifically as possible your desired field and assignment as well as your preferred location.

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