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Rhenus insists on Sustainability

Protecting the environment is not just a Rhenus marketing strategy – rather it is the result of the logistics services provider’s enterprising way of doing business. Rhenus insists on using efficient processes, the shortest routes and handling resources carefully in all its business areas. This enables Rhenus to lower costs, satisfy its customers’ requirements and play its part in protecting the environment, all at the same time.

Almost every type of transportation or logistics activity without exception requires energy – whether it is a truck route, forklift truck operations or a crane working at a port – and therefore causes emissions. So Rhenus is continually working to find better solutions: avoiding empty runs, fully exploiting existing facilities, linking modes of transportation in an intelligent manner and using environmentally-friendly means of transportation. 

You can discover more here about how Rhenus is playing its part in protecting the environment, about the sustainable logistics concepts that we have already introduced and how Rhenus is supporting its customers in keeping their products’ carbon footprint as small as possible.

Contract Logistics

Rhenus places great importance on sustainability when building new logistics centres. All the new buildings are certified according to the German Sustainable Building Council’s standards. This means that energy efficiency levels are significantly increased even before the start of operating business. Efficient processes, short distances and the latest technology then reduce energy consumption during business operations. Rhenus also uses other energy-efficient equipment – for example, solar panels (for instance, in Basel, Zaragoza and Weil am Rhein), daylight control systems, electric fork-lift trucks and towing tractors or lightweight trucks. Rhenus took delivery of the first hybrid truck in Germany in the Mercedes Benz innovation fleet in 2011. Rhenus Office Systems is using this vehicle.

Port Logistics

Transporting goods by water is the most environmentally-friendly means of shipping items. And this fact can be measured at Rhenus thanks to the pioneer work performed by Contargo with regard to calculating emissions for inland waterway traffic. Rhenus provides comprehensive low-emission transportation services as the leading provider of inland waterway services and with its dense network of ports (maritime and inland waterway) along Europe’s waterways. By deliberating shifting traffic to the waterways, e.g. by using the “Greenliner” at the port of Hamburg, Rhenus skilfully reduces journey times, increases the throughput and eases the pressure on the environment at the same time.

Freight Logistics

The Rhenus network is subject to a process involving continual adjustments and optimisation. This enables the company to achieve the maximum load factors, reduce the number of empty trips and prevent truck delivery runs. Flows of goods are sent to major conurbations in consolidated form, traffic movements are prevented and this protects the environment and the population. At the same time, Rhenus is certifying more and more business centres in line with DIN EN ISO 14001. An internal environmental benchmark enables best practices to be shared among business centres.

Public Transport

Each trip, which is prevented when people switch from private transport to buses and railway services, benefits the environment and people’s health. Rhenus Veniro represents attractive, comfortable local public passenger services as an eco-friendly alternative to cars. But while economic growth elsewhere often goes hand in hand with increased environmental pollution, expansion at Veniro creates ecological advantages. Every additional passenger, who can be persuaded to change to public transport as a result of attractive local services, benefits the environment and climate.

Environmental Guidelines

Like every company, we bear responsibility for the environment. For this reason we obtain certification according to DIN EN ISO 14001: the TÜV Nord screens our environmental policy and the environmental management system annually.

Environmental protection is a leadership task. Managers must set an example. Moreover, we expect of our employees ecosensitive action. 

Our environmental policy:

1. Compliance with environmental regulation
We observe all existing environmental regulations and provisions.

2. Information to the public
By providing objective information we awaken public and customer confidence.

3. The best available technology
We want to avoid environmental damage in all operational situations. As far as it is economically justifiable, we deploy the best available technology.

4. Employee training
The environmental awareness of employees is advanced at all levels by training.

5. Continuous improvement of environmental protection
Our target is continuous improvement of environmental protection throughout the group.

6. Incident precautions
We take precautions so as to avoid incidents.

7. Contract partners
Firms active at our branch locations are informed about our environmental policy and included in our activities.

8. Sparing use of resources
We use energy selectively and sparingly. Through technical and organisational measures we minimise the amount of waste material, trash, environmentally pollutive emissions and liquid waste.

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