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1912 - 1955


Foundation of B.V. Rhenus Transport Maatschappij, Rotterdam.


Rhenus changes its name to Rhenus Gesellschaft für Schiffahrt, Spedition und Lagerei m.b.H.


Rhenus Kraftverkehr GmbH operates 100 of its own long-distance freight trains in order to further expand activities related to shipping, such as transshipment and storage.


Hibernia Bergwerksgesellschaft, a subsidiary of VEBA, acquired a majority shareholding in the "group of common interest" formed by the Rhine shipping companies in 1929. Rhenus became part of the VEBA Group.


Badische Actiengesellschaft, Rheinschiffahrts Actiengesellschaft, the Rhenus subsidiary and other companies merged to form a "group of common interest" in order to ensure their survival in an increasingly ailing German economy.


History 1923

Dramatic inflation picked up even more speed. WTAG posted annual profits of 19317287820243183.3 marks – calculated in worthless paper money.


The Mittelland Canal was opened and connected central Germany with the Rhine via the Rhine-Herne Canal. The volume of freight on German waterways continued to grow steadily, not least due to the materials and equipment required by the German army in its war of attrition on the Western Front.


History 1912

The two companies "Badische Actiengesellschaft für Rheinschiffahrt und Seetransport" and "Rheinschiffahrts Actiengesellschaft" set up a joint company on 13 November. The name they chose for the new company was the Latin word for the river that would carry their hopes and expectations from then on - "Rhenus", the Rhine. The company was entered in the commercial register as Rhenus Transport GmbH with its head office in Frankfurt. Branch offices were established in Mannheim, Mainz, Antwerp and Rotterdam at the same time.

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