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1956 - 1988


History 1988

Rhenus set up three public companies responsible for its operational management: Rhenus Weichelt AG handled road freight transport, Rhenus Lager und Umschlag AG took on warehousing, transhipment and inland waterway shipping and Rhenus Transport International was responsible for international freight forwarding and air freight.


Rhenus-WTAG AG merged with Westfaelische Transport-AG (WTAG) and began operating under the name Rhenus AG. This added 60 more business locations with subsidiaries and branch offices in Germany. Rhenus was active worldwide with 80 operating sites in other countries.


History 1976

Following the formation of a "group of common interest" by Rhenus AG, Fendel-Stinnes-Schiffahrt AG and WTAG, the company name Rhenus AG was changed to Rhenus-WTAG AG. The company headquarters was moved from Mannheim to Dortmund. Rhenus then had 40 branch offices and business locations throughout Germany. The CCS Combined Container Service GmbH & Co. KG subsidiary was founded at the same time.


Hugo Stinnes pooled its inland waterway shipping activities. The Fendel-Stinnes-Schiffahrt AG company was set up near Duisburg. The corporate form of Rhenus Gesellschaft für Schiffahrt, Spedition und Lagerei was changed and became Rhenus AG with its headquarters in Mannheim.


History 1969

VEBA restructured its business areas. Hugo Stinnes AG took over the transport activities of VEBA, acquiring Rhenus at the same time.


The port was opened in Stuttgart. Rhenus started building warehouse and handling facilities.


Containers started to play a dominant role in transport operations. The first container ship was sent on its journey from New York. It was another ten years before the first container ship entered a European port. A decade later, Rhenus sets up its subsidiary known as CCS Combined Container Service.

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