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1991 - 1998


RETHMANN AG & Co took over Rhenus AG. Rhenus became an innovative full provider of logistics services within this strong alliance. During the same year, CCS chartered the world's largest container barge with a capacity of 500 TEUs. Rhenus took over a logistics centre in Dortmund, and the location was expanded into a multi-user centre to accommodate several customers in the years that followed.


History 1997

Cuxport GmbH was founded in Cuxhaven and the multi-functional terminal went into operation. Rhenus started handling the factory logistics for the Mannheim-based company, John Deere, the world's leading tractor manufacturer. A new logistics centre was officially opened in Langgöns near Giessen.


The three divisions created in 1991 were merged under the umbrella of the new Schenker-Rhenus AG company with the aim of pooling the transportation and logistics activities within the Stinnes Group; prior to this, all the inland shipping activities of the Stinnes subsidiaries were consolidated under the name RS PartnerShip and incorporated into the Rhenus Group, together with Midgard Deutsche Seeverkehrs-AG.


History 1995

The Stahlwerke Bremen steelworks and Rhenus set up Weserport GmbH in Bremen and merged their activities at the port. In addition, Rhenus extended its market position in the automotive sector. The company started to offer system services for various manufacturers and provide just-in-sequence deliveries to the production line.


Geschichte 1993

The construction of a modern logistics centre in Brein with space measuring 60,000 m² strengthened Rhenus’ logistics operations. Other logistics centres were opened in the following years in Langgoens, Giessen, Mannheim, Stuttgart, Hanover and Prague.


After Schenker AG had been acquired by Stinnes, the parent company of Rhenus since 1969, the three Rhenus divisions were restructured once again. The activities of Rhenus Transport International were taken over by the newly formed Schenker International AG; Rhenus Lager und Umschlag AG then operated in the market under the former name of Rhenus AG; and Rhenus-Weichelt AG was merged with Schenker Eurocargo AG.

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