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Offshore Logistics

Offshore wind power is one of the major ways of tackling climate change in Germany and Europe and changing the focus of energy supplies.

However, this complex and challenging market sector will only be able to fulfil its potential for providing grid stability if tailor-made logistics solutions are available. Our purpose-designed logistics concepts for offshore wind power offer our customers the necessary solutions for an innovative industry that is still in its infancy.

Our certified offshore team is experienced and well aware of the day-to-day and long-term challenges of the industry. The team operates at both onshore and offshore sites, whether this involves working directly at customers’ premises, on platforms or coordinating matters from offices.

Turnkey supplies for offshore platforms

The core element at every offshore wind farm is the transformer and converter platform, regardless of its size and status. Each platform, whether manned or unmanned, requires constant supplies and maintenance. Our regular supply runs to these offshore installations guarantee that food and drinks, consumables, tools, spare parts and bunkers are available when needed.

If required, we handle the project as a turnkey operation and provide the containers, the offshore cargo handling team, customs clearance, shore handling, shore transport, disposal services and whatever customers need. This is similar to delivery and logistics services onshore, but involves specialist knowledge of the offshore wind market, particularly in the North Sea.

Tailor-made solutions

The process of constructing, commissioning and operating offshore wind parks necessitates a whole host of specialist service packages and involves many logistical challenges. We take on many tasks on behalf of our customers and make available offshore service solutions such as placing/maintaining/recovering buoys, storing spare cables at the Rhenus Group’s port terminals or transporting and handling project cargo during the commissioning phase. Having access to the necessary documentation is not a must, but it helps us to understand matters from the outset. By making use of the support of specialist units within the Rhenus Group, we can handle the customs regime and are able to find the best solution for any offshore disposal requirements in conjunction with our colleagues.

Crew transfer

No operation can reliably take place without transporting people offshore so that they can work. The distances involved mean that crew transfer services either take place by helicopter or boat. We organise and handle the transfers, both onshore and offshore. We arrange helicopters and/or CTVs and pick up your crew members at airports and also organise hotels, check-in procedures and the necessary documentation.

Port agency services

A host of different craft are used for each offshore wind farm: a heavy lift installation vessel, jack-ups, walk-2-work vessels, survey ships and CTVs, to quote just a few.  The port is the focal point for each ship. We not only look after the vessel’s needs as a port agent at our own ports, but wherever you need us.

Container depots for offshore customers

Containers are normally needed to supply offshore installations. Due to the challenging nature of any offshore work, it is only possible to use purpose-built, certified containers, regardless of whether they are dry containers, tank containers, reefers or offshore toolboxes etc. We can make them available for rent at the Rhenus Offshore container depots at Cuxhaven, Emden, Sassnitz, Great Yarmouth or Aberdeen. We offer you top flexibility when it comes to scheduling.

Logistics out at sea

It is impossible to ever complete any offshore wind project successfully without using qualified personnel. Logistics experts are the interface between all the parties involved and play a key role in coordinating the relevant logistics sequences, both physically and in terms of providing the relevant documentation. We make available logistics staff with offshore qualifications on a short-term or long-term basis for onshore and offshore operations at our customers’ premises, on board vessels or in offices. They either work as office staff or complement project services. Affiliated companies can provide offshore crane operators and rigger crews too.

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