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Intermodal Transportation

Truck services are almost unbeatable for the last mile. Trucks can transport goods to almost any place in the world in contrast with ships, which need a connection to the sea or an inland waterway, or rail services, where the network of tracks is not as dense as roads. But it is more cost-effective to use sea-going or inland waterway vessels or railway wagons for long-distance services, bulk commodities or particularly large and heavy items. Planes are the number one exports or imports, which have to be handled particularly fast over large distances. It is our aim to plan the transport chains in such a way that the relevant strengths of the individual modes of transport are used to the best possible degree along the individual sections of the route.

The establishment of intermodal traffic, a variation of multi-modal transport services, where logistics chains are also organised using different means of transport, but the loading unit always remains the same, is closely linked with the success story of containers. After all, the standardisation of the cargo carrier makes it easier to tranship the items between the individual means of transport. The efficiency of intermodal traffic rises without having to change the loading unit and thereby increase time and costs.

Specialists for intermodal traffic

The subsidiaries, Rhenus Intermodal Systems and Contargo, in particular, have had years of experience in handling intermodal traffic within the Rhenus Group. The predecessors of Contargo were some of the pioneers in container shipments on inland waterways (see intermodal shipping). The Rhenus subsidiary with its own terminals and transport services using inland waterways, railways and trucks now has one of the largest hinterland container networks in Europe. The neutral services provider links the ports in Western Europe with inland destinations on your behalf and makes use of short reloading times, fixed timetables and high-frequency services when it comes to departures.

Intermodal in Russia

Rhenus Intermodal Systems, the specialist for Russia and the other countries in the Community of Independent States, supplements our range of services when transporting containers on various means of transport. With its own offices and a local knowledge of markets and sectors, we can guarantee for you that industrial companies, suppliers and purchasers can be integrated in the best possible supply chain management system. Not least, the huge distances needing to be covered in the Eurasian region make it essential to link individual means of transport in an intelligent manner.

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