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Reliable and punctual deliveries are some of the greatest strengths of a logistics services provider. Short-sea traffic is a permanent feature in our product portfolio and acts as a sensible alternative for many internal routes within Europe.

The shipment of goods, formerly known as coastal trade, not only links port cities nowadays; after all, maritime transport has been the most effective connection for them from time immemorial. But at times when overloaded road and rail networks can no longer cope, short-sea traffic goes one step further and forms a time and cost-saving, sustainable addition to truck and rail services in transport logistics for many sectors. The direct links between many important industrial regions in Europe and one or several port sites and the transhipment capacity available there have ensured that the use of short-sea traffic has continually been on the rise within multi-modal supply chains. Many projects within the European Union promote the attractiveness of short-sea traffic.

Short-sea traffic starting and finishing at Rhenus’ own port terminals

The Rhenus Group transports new and used vehicles, wood, paper, steel, pig iron and non-ferrous metal products, plus a large number of other industrial and consumer goods, to their recipients using its coastal vessels on short-sea traffic routes. Our own port terminals act as the important hubs for these services. Efficient transhipment equipment, e.g. the resilient RoRo ramps at the Cuxport multi-purpose terminal, ensures that vessels are processed rapidly. We have long-term working relationships with partner companies at ports where we do not have our own facilities or offices.

Rhenus Maritime Services

Rhenus Maritime Services is the established specialist for handling short-sea traffic within the corporate group. The charterer and shipping company with a major focus on sea/river shipping has its own fleet in order to provide door-to-door shipments. We can offer scheduled services for many regions and they enable us to ship your goods safely and quickly to your customers. Coastal vessels can travel far inland at some estuaries on major rivers (e.g. Duisburg) and lakes so that many inland waterway ports can be reached without the need to stop at the seaport.

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