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Here you can select our various locations around Rhenus. You can choose between countries, the corresponding locations, business areas, as well as locations in your surrounding area.

Logistics Consulting

Process Optimization With Rhenus

Logistics operations and the services provided downstream are becoming more challenging by the day. So there is a need for experts who are well informed – and not only in the field of logistics, but also in individual sectors. Rhenus Consulting provides exactly these kinds of experts. The scope of your project is unimportant – whether it involves global transport services or special tasks on a smaller scale – your company is in good hands with us. Rhenus Consulting draws up logistics concepts with you and they are specifically geared towards your line of business and your company.

Many small and medium-sized enterprises complain about losses in productivity and high costs, but do not know the reasons for these or where they could make savings. We uncover the cost drivers and support you as you seek to reduce your costs by taking a closer look at your sourcing and logistics processes. Our consulting company draws up individual and innovative solutions for each business unit / company.

Benefit from our consulting expertise

There are many ways of optimising your logistics processes. We take a look at your sourcing and logistics solutions and help you to improve your processes. We unearth and develop new strategies with you and train your personnel to carry them out. In addition, we advise you on suitable project management solutions for your company – in a very individual way, of course, based on our many years of expertise.

Data protection involves trust

We will be happy to help you cope with and meet the requirements related to data protection at your company in the long term. We can advise you on all matters related to data protection, IT law and information security. We can also take over the position of an external company data protection officer. We will work with you to draw up data protection concepts ranging from the organisation procedures to video monitoring and archiving and even destroying data storage media and processing the data related to cases.

A summary of the benefits of using our consulting services:

  • Logistics experts for each sector
  • Individual concepts
  • Reductions in your costs
  • Many years of expertise
  • Improvements in logistics processes and project management

You can discover more about our consulting services.

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