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Customs Clearance & Customs Services

The discontinuation of customs inspections within the European Union has significantly simplified the movement of goods between member states. But global transport chains often go beyond the outer borders of the EU nowadays. Production sites are located in Asia; and the USA, China, Switzerland and the Russian Federation are important trading partners of the EU. Professional customs clearance and a profound knowledge of specific regulations are indispensable to ensure that goods are shipped quickly and smoothly. The Customs Competence Center (CCC) within the Rhenus Group supervises the shipment of your goods beyond national borders.

But some of the requirements set by national authorities are very high and even express shipments can be delayed by minor problems. Professional customs clearance is all the more important and we can guarantee this because we have had decades of experience working as an international services provider. We can take over all the relevant administrative tasks, both for customers with their headquarters in the EU or outside the European single market – up to and including fiscal representation. As a result, we create clear competitive advantages, because we can make carriage paid deliveries to your customers in the EU; and all the customs duty and taxes have already been covered too.

To bonded warehouse

  • Your goods can be stored duty unpaid until the final destination is announced and the goods are either carried out or transferred to another customs proceeding.
  • Our IT-infrastructure is available for illustration of all processes concerning the storage in a bonded warehouse.

Rapid customs clearance

Our Customs Clearance Center works in an advisory capacity and manages practical operations too. Depending on what is required, we can handle import clearance for you, prepare export documentation and transit paperwork and make available the necessary bonds. Your goods can be stored at our bonded warehouses without the need to pay any customs duty until their final destination is known. As a result, you do not need to pay additional customs and tax charges. As an Authorised Consignor, we can also provide clearance at approved centres without needing to be present on the spot; and we can include third parties in these approval procedures. Our experts will also support you in all issues related to compliance. For example, we guarantee that all the anti-terror regulations and trade restrictions are followed.

We have business operations at the most important industrial and trading centres. Our Eastern European specialist, Rhenus Revival, operates a bonded warehouse at Obuchov near Kiev, where we can store goods for up to three years without the need for any customs formalities. We have built a customs and logistics terminal at Smolensk in Russia where we have been able to considerably reduce the time needed for customs clearance. We are also one of the few foreign logistics services providers to have our own customs broker licence in Russia for handling imports and exports.

To customs clearance to free traffic

  • Electronic import clearance
  • Collective customs declaration
  • Customs clearance for the European Union

To customs clearance of exports

  • Creation of export documents
  • AES (electronic exportation)

To transit clearance

  • Creation of transit documents with NCTS
  • Supply of guarantee
  • Execution of dispatch with NCTS-in
  • Authorized sender
  • Authorized recipient
  • Carnet TIR / Carnet ATA

To fiscal services / fiscal representation

  • EU-clearance for free traffic can already be made at the EU-external border
  • As there are no further clearances at the final destination required, the advantage of shorter delivery periods is given.
  • Interest savings due to subsequent payment of acquisition tax in the according EU-country.
  • Concerning fiscal procuration, settlement of all necessary reports
  • Statistical reports
  • Intra trade statistic (“Intrahandelsstatistik” )
  • Creation of “Intrastat” and submitting to the federal tax agency
  • Extra trade statistic (“Extrahandelsstatistik”)

To further services in customs area

  • Application of import licences
  • Refining traffics
  • Application of simplified methods
  • Creation of all essential customs documents
  • Neutralization

To compliance check

  • We examine the data of your customers, clients and members of staff in Accordance with the regulations against the usual anti-terror list, the so-called Talibanlist off.
  • Our Compliance representative is to them gladly for this with questions at the disposal.

To consultation

  • Consultation to all custom topics, also with you locally
  • Company to the certified economictaken part, we advise you gladly

To professional training

  • Gladly we train your staff within the range of customs.

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