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File Recovery and Paper Drying

There is a legal duty to retain many documents in Germany – and companies have to meet these requirements. The law determines for how long and which type of documents are involved. But records and documents can be destroyed, rendered unusable or even become a threat to people’s health through a variety of factors. They include damage caused by flooding, pipe bursts or extinguishing operations performed by the fire brigade. Even storing records in a damp environment presents a risk to your data. If the humidity levels become excessive, recovery work is necessary to rescue your files, because data, documents and records could be lost forever otherwise.

Even if the paper initially survives the soaking, mould may form at a later date and destroy the document. Just one phone call using the service hotline 02509/8989 is enough to trigger the required response. It is necessary to treat the items in a straightforward manner and with high levels of expertise in order to minimise the damage and make the records available again as quickly as possible.

Recovering files – quickly and competently

Rhenus – your specialist for document logistics and recovering files responds in a fast and effective manner in emergency situations. If damage has taken place through moisture, we rely on tried and tested methods to dry paper – e.g. freeze drying. This method eliminates the moisture from the paper in a careful way and prepares it for subsequent treatment with gamma rays. The gamma irradiation itself is not radioactive, but reliably kills off all the existing species of microorganisms and prevents mould from spreading.

We have prevented files and other documents from being destroyed for many companies. Rhenus is prepared to face any eventuality and can even handle major incidents. We have already handled a wide variety of projects in the past; they range from rescuing documents, even from rooms that were still flooded, to drying them and even putting the restored files back into storage. We strictly follow the statutory data protection regulations and the need to maintain secrecy during each working stage. Our secure transport services protect confidential documents from any unauthorised access – and even the broader processing work takes place at secure facilities.

Services in the field of recovering files and drying paper:

  • Recovery work
  • Making available the necessary materials (personal protective equipment etc.)
  • Secure transport services
  • Freeze drying
  • Gamma irradiation
  • File storage (in a deep frozen state too)
  • File cleaning
  • etc.

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