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Best High-Tech Logistics

Many high-tech products nowadays have a touchscreen. Automatic bank or ticket machines, for example, are controlled by customers touching a screen, which responds to any contact in a sensitive way. So it is important to tranship, store and deliver these high-value machines with great care so that the sensitive glass and plastic screens are not damaged.

But there are other aspects that need to be taken into account when handling high-tech products and providing logistical support for production and technical installation services: speed and flexibility are extremely important, particularly because product cycles are continuing to become shorter and this line of business is dominated by short-term marketing campaigns.

We also offer our customers the option of including their individual corporate design on their industrial products. This is particularly important if final customers come in contact with the units and the company aims to reinforce recognition of its distinctive brand design. Our understanding of sustainability, both with regard to the product, its serviceable life and the environment, is clearly visible in our product portfolio, both in our after-sales operations and reverse logistics.

Leave high-tech handling to the professionals

The Rhenus high-tech logistics specialists have been pioneers in this special field. So we can provide you with support from the outset in project management and its organisation based on our broad range of experience. Working alongside you, we can draw up and complete the handover of individual projects so that the units are ready for use.

We can distribute your products across Europe using our modern fleet of vehicles and our network structures. Our qualified high-tech personnel will also perform extensive pre-assembly and configuration work for you prior to this. And we use quality checks to test the state of all the components.

Our technicians will be in action at the final point of use in order to install the new machines. So you can leave the setup, positioning, installation and functional tests in our competent hands. If required, we can train your staff to handle the installed products.

Rhenus High Tech

High-tech handling covers the complete life cycle of a product, in our view. As a result, we look after the deinstallation of old machines and their disposal so that any recyclable resources find their way into the reusable materials cycle. It goes without saying that this also includes packaging. Our after-sales solutions in the Rhenus high-tech sector include replacing components and machines (SWAP), software updates, cleaning and repair work or data management. As a result, we are able to guarantee that high-value machines operate properly for a long time.

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