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Warehouse Logistics & Services

The logistics centres and the associated warehouse logistics form the central interface between production and distribution when managing supply chains. Our warehouse logistics facilities ensure the best possible storage and management of your goods. You determine the requirements for your goods – i.e. the time, volume, sequence and packaging for your goods, which are required for the onward transport operations.

Production Logistics

Smooth procedures for production processes.

Factory Logistics

A wide range of services for your factory logistics.

Reverse Logistic

Managing reverse logistics in line with your specific sector and needs.

Value Added Services

Our major focus is on transparency, quality and reliability.

In the warehouse logistics sector, Rhenus offers its customers in Eurasia a close network of modern, multi-user facilities covering several million square metres. This is where we create our warehouse logistic services for you in a flexible manner and according to specific customer requirements. When it comes to cost-efficiency, the use of multiple branches has it benefits for both small and medium-sized companies, and those who are affected by seasonal trends. We employ the Rhenus-specific Warehouse Management System (WMS) in these specially secured facilities in order to provide you with a constant overview of product movements and keep you up to date on the location of your goods. We are also happy to take care of IT connections to your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, thus ensuring the continuous exchange of data.

Warehouse Logistics - Benefits from Outsourcing

Everybody knows them: Metres and metres of shelves in which a wide variety of products can be stored on a short-term or long-term basis. Forklifts take the goods that are going to be stored to their temporary storage location in the logistics facility. Customer requirements for stockpiling determine the next processing steps for products and goods. In other words, when do the warehouse staff need to assemble the products? How many items of each product do they need? In which order do goods need to be packed? Which packaging is required for onward transport? Logistics centres and the associated warehouse logistics are the central interface between production and distribution on the supply chain.

Warehouse Logistics - more than just Warehouse Services

Our longstanding experience in the warehouse logistics industry comes into play both in the multi-user facilities and in our customer-specific, dedicated-user sites. This means our service portfolio does not simply end at the logistics centre loading ramp. We are on hand as an expert point of contact for any questions you might have regarding production logisticsfacility logistics or returns logistics.

Our product range is being extended to include our comprehensive value-added services to suit customers in all industry and retail sectors. These value-added services go above and beyond conventional warehousing and enable you to focus on your key competencies.

Free choice of warehouse logistics offers

Order picking

  • individual packaging work / co-packaging work
  • blister packaging 
  • plastic film wrapping
  • individual transport packaging
  • repackaging items into different packaging units in line with customer instructions 
  • repackaging work to meet the import stipulations in particular countries


  • making up product samples
  • making up sales items

Labelling services

  •  attaching price labels
  • special labelling 
  • labelling / relabelling

Product processing

  •  checking that items work properly
  • stress tests 
  • individual testing procedures for incoming and outgoing goods
  • sampling according to test plans

Display construction

  • POS design work
  • stocking displays
  • dismantling displays


  • build on demand / build to order
  • assembling components

Advertising campaigns

  • enclosing information brochures
  • enclosing advertising items
  • enclosing give-aways

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