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Factory Logistics

Logistics chains do not always end at the factory door or the loading ramp. Processes within manufacturing facilities are coming under increasing scrutiny. This is a result of the close links between logistics specialists and manufacturers, and the ongoing search for ways to increase efficiency and decrease costs. This is a logical step, since warehouse management and the provision and disposal of materials for production lines are key competencies of full-service logistics providers. We enable the industry to focus all of its attention on the manufacturing process and the development of new products thanks to our factory logistics service offering.

Just as the goods produced are diverse, so too are the required materials and commodities, the machine equipment that is necessary for production and the services mapped by Rhenus in factory logistics. A production facility of a medical engineering manufacturer is likely to have very different requirements to a coal-fired power plant, where we and our employees may be responsible not only for storage, but also for filtering, mixing and feeding the fuel into the coal mills. The common factor linking the two businesses is the high level of industry expertise that we bring to the table in all of our factory logistics projects.

Factory logistics: on time and in the right order

In many companies, the belts never stop rolling, even on weekends or bank holidays. New vehicles, washing machines, computers, smartphones, and televisions are being produced around the clock. We are able to meet customer requirements for production support with our employees working in three-shift or four-shift systems. We also take care of warehousing on request, either on site in your factory or in one of our nearby logistics facilities.

Broad range of services

The requirements for factory logistics are constantly rising as products become more and more complex. There are a large number of components to deal with, which has an impact on the processes for filling the material container and delivering it to the workbench. Our high-performance IT interfaces let you see the latest warehouse inventory and the required volumes. Our employees’ expertise ensures that assembly lines are equipped with construction material just in time and/or just in sequence. We store packaging and empty material containers in our warehouse. Empty containers are bundled and sent back to our suppliers at a later date.

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