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Production Logistics

It makes sense for the industry to have full order books, since these ensure turnover growth and spur on expected profits. In general, full order books represent the acceptance of a means of production or a finished product by the market. However, they present a huge challenge in terms of production logistics. No manufacturer wants to let their clients down with delays or products that are below par. This is why many details have to be taken into account during the planning stage so as to ensure smooth production processes.

The Rhenus Group is very well equipped for such a task with its service offer. We always bear our customers’ wishes in mind when developing our logistics services. This comprehensive approach opens up several opportunities for our work with you in production logistics, which covers all processes, including the preparation and implementation of goods flow and manufacturing processes. We support you in shipping clearance for raw materials that are imported by sea fright. We are also happy to carry out order picking for machine components from various delivery companies right through to just-in-time delivery to the assembly line. All of your production challenges are in safe hands with us.

Manage production logistics efficiently

Stagnations cost time and money. This applies to production itself, but also to all upstream processes. Efficient warehouse management helps minimise costs and meet quantity targets without interrupting the supply chain. We manage suppliers in such a way that raw materials and sheeting material are only left in the warehouse area for a very short time. Commodities and materials are then delivered from the factory premises to the pre-defined job site using our transhipment and transportation services.

Expertise from all industry sectors

On the one hand, globally connected manufacturing processes for vehicles and household devices mean the goods don’t have to travel such great distances. On the other hand, in certain sectors, such as the trade in completely knocked down or semi knocked down components in the automotive industry, it is necessary to disassemble goods into several different parts (see automotive logistics). We provide the support required for these production logistics processes by drawing on our expertise from all industry sectors. Our employees will take care of quality control, among other things. They will remove any components damaged in transit or carry out any pre-assembly to speed up the production process.

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