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Reverse Logistics, Returns Management

An item of clothing that doesn’t fit, a cupboard that you don’t like or a broken electrical device: Increased sales not only mean higher turnovers, they are also responsible for the rise in the number of returns as a result of claims and cancellations. The boom in online retail and the widespread practice of customers exercising their right to return and cancel items have led to this increase in returned deliveries. It is only once the returns have passed the quality control stage that they can be re-sold as new items and sent to new customers. The sender is not usually charged to return small items nowadays, while the seller is faced with the logistical challenges. This is precisely where intelligent returns logistics from Rhenus comes into play.

We are happy to shoulder this additional cost on your behalf. We provide support in the form of effective returns management, which is tailored to your needs. In addition to accepting returns, this service also includes the assessment of these goods for possible processing or disposal. If, having been assessed, a product is found to be in good enough condition to be resold, it will be quickly placed back in the warehouse, repackaged and relabelled. The product is promptly returned to its normal place in the warehouse, where it remains until it is ordered by another customer.

Industry-specific returns logistics for the textile and retail industries

Short reaction times are particularly important in industries where products go out of fashion quickly. Our returns centre ensures that items within the textile industry are rapidly returned from the shop to the supplier in the country of origin. If required, we are also prepared to take on small-scale needlework, as well as attaching security tags and new price labels for leftover stock. Our environmentally friendly process chain also includes recycling of foil and packaging material.

Our experts are happy to go directly to your end customer in order to deliver large household devices or furniture. They will organise the collection of the goods and return them to the central warehouse or point of return, where the damage will be assessed and possible adjustments carried out. Undamaged, unused devices are repackaged and placed back in the warehouse, while damaged goods are recycled or disposed of. This is how we optimise the process chain between warehouse, shop and end customer. We are rated highly in the mail-order and online retail industries because we deliver goods with an outstanding service quality and reliability, all while maintaining direct contact with your buyer.

No friction losses for the electronic and high-tech industries

Electronic products generally have a short half-life as a result of continuous technological developments. Consumers want the latest products at competitive prices, and this applies the world over. It is essential to stick to time slots during the delivery process. We offer a repair service for faulty products, including spare parts logistics. When the device reaches the end of its service life, we recycle it according to WEEE regulations (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive).

As part of our returns logistics service, we support our employees in the after-sales department and the high-tech industry by providing extensive value-added services. If required, our extensive network of technicians is on hand to take on so-called SWAPs, or exchanges of components and devices. If repairs have to be made, we will take care of managing spare parts. And we go one step further: Our inspection and cleaning service already has a great track record of working with potential damage claims to ensure that your often valuable, high-tech products retain their functionality and durability. However, if a damage claim does arise, we arrange return transport for faulty devices and dispose of the packaging material.

Returns logistics for satisfied end customers and high revenues

Whatever the product, if we receive a damage claim, we automatically put the end customer in touch with our effective complaints management team, which provides assistance in an unbureaucratic manner. It goes without saying that we also arrange rapid compensation in the form of a credit voucher, leading to maximum customer satisfaction. What Rhenus Returns Logistics means for you: You can continue to focus on increasing your sales figures, since we take care of your returns. Our experts are happy to advise you!

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