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Cuxport ships the two millionth car for a premium manufacturer

The port services provider Cuxport handled the two millionth car for the BMW Group at the RoRo berth no. 2 in Cuxhaven on Thursday 29 August. The vehicle, which had earlier arrived by rail, was transported on board the Jutlandia Seaways vessel belonging to the DFDS shipping company at about midday. The guests attending the ceremony included the Mayor of Cuxhaven, Dr Ulrich Getsch, and Enak Ferlemann, Parliamentary Secretary of State at the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure. Representatives from the world of business, the UECC and DFDS shipping companies as well as the DB Cargo Logistics railway services provider and Hödlmayr International were present to witness the handling procedure too.

Friday, 30 August 2019

Cuxport has been shipping BMW vehicles for the British market for 15 years and is one of the leading providers for transhipping automobiles among the North Sea ports. The new vehicles arrive at Cuxhaven by rail. It is possible to load as many as 2,000 cars on board one vessel. The DFDS shipping company then transports the cars to Immingham on the east coast of England as many as six times a week, while the UECC shipping company heads for the port of Southampton on the south coast of Britain once or twice a week.

“In addition to our excellent location on the North Sea with lock-free access, we’re able to impress customers with short handling times and adequate storage capacity for shipping the vehicles,” said Oliver Fuhljahn, Head of Automobile Logistics at Rhenus Port Logistics, emphasising the benefits of Cuxport. “We’ve been able to increase the transhipment of vehicles and the number of our automobile customers during the past few years – partly by providing an improved railway link and making major investments at the site. Now that berth no. 4 has been completed, we have three RoRo berths available at Cuxport.”

“Automobile logistics at Cuxhaven is a success story that is of a long-term nature. We’re delighted that Cuxport is therefore strengthening our regional economy as well as creating jobs,” said Dr Ulrich Getsch, Mayor of Cuxhaven.

Cuxport not only serves as a feeder point for new vehicles heading for Great Britain, but also to Sweden, Iceland and Denmark. The terminal operator does not just provide handling, but also technical services like washing vehicles and underseal protection.

About Cuxport
Cuxport GmbH operates a multi-functional handling terminal at the deepwater port of Cuxhaven. Cuxport not only offers extensive port transhipment facilities, but also has an ideal geographical location for all kinds of maritime traffic and the best possible links to destinations further inland. The company is a joint venture where Rhenus SE & Co. KG holds 74.9 percent of the shares and HHLA Container Terminals GmbH 25.1 percent. The Rhenus Group is a logistics services provider with global operations and annual turnover of EUR 5.1 billion. Rhenus has business sites at over 660 locations worldwide and employs more than 31,000 people. Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG (HHLA) is one of the leading harbour logistics companies at the North Sea ports.

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