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Rhenus Office Systems Expands Security Archives in Hamburg

Rhenus Office Systems GmbH has expanded its security archives at its Hamburg business location. The extension was inaugurated during a full-day event in the presence of approx. 100 guests on 24 June. The archives operated by the document logistics specialist have been enlarged by another building with floor space measuring more than 2,000 square meters; the construction is also more than 17 meters high.

Well-known customers from the worlds of finances and insurance currently use the high security standards at the Hamburg archives. In addition to archiving files, Rhenus also provides other services in Hamburg. They include digitalization solutions for the financial services area, for instance.

The outsourcing of document logistics provides customers with many benefits: They not only make savings on business space and personnel, but thanks to an audit-proof system, they can trace where any particular file is at any time. The scan-on-demand facility saves corporations the costly process of digitalizing all their files, as Rhenus only makes those documents available in digital form, which a customer needs at any specific time. A network of business locations across Germany and at international sites and the research and access options available through the Rhenus Business Networking Platform provides rapid response times to requests.

The sector specialists Easy Software AG, foxray AG and Comline AG used the event as an opportunity to present their services and products. Rhenus also showed off one of its mobile shredders, which can be used directly at a customer’s premises and under the latter’s supervision to destroy documents or data storage media like CDs or DVDs, if necessary.

About Rhenus Office Systems
Rhenus Office Systems GmbH provides systematic services for domestic and international document logistics; they range from incoming mail to digitalization and archiving and even include data destruction and the availability and provision of specialist personnel. Rhenus Office Systems is a hundred percent subsidiary of the Rhenus Group, which is one of Europe’s leading logistics services providers with annual turnover of EUR 3 billion. Rhenus employs 18,000 members of staff at 290 business locations.

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