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New Rhenus Svoris partner in Poland

Continues Rhenus Svoris integration into Rhenus group in Europe. From the 2nd of January of this year we start cooperation with Rhenus group company in Poland – Rhenus Freight Logistics Sp. Z.o.o, which makes active investments into expanding the network of shipments delivery and logistics in Poland.

There are some more companies in Poland, which belong to the same group.
Rhenus Fastrack S.A. makes warehouses logistics service in seven Poland cities, total area of warehouses is over 100 000 square metres.

Rhenus Port Logistics makes transportation of various goods and shipments by sea transport, including coal, metal, wood. Also this company makes loading works in ports and warehousing service. This company has offices in six Poland cities and ports.

Cooperation with  Rhenus gruop company lets to company Rhenus Svoris to organize  its work more effecitve and to satisfy the needs of our customers in better way.

The trucks with shipments to Lithuania will departure from the following terminals:

Rhenus Freight Logistics Sp. Z.o.o
Ul. Bodycha 97, Reguły,
PL-05820 Piastów
Agnieszka Macieja
Tel. +48 (0) 22 343 99 29; Fax +48 (0) 22 343 99 30;
E-mail: maciejaa@pl.rhenus.com

Rhenus Freight Logistics Sp. Z.o.o
Al. Tysiąclecia 2,
PL-32300 Olkusz
Agnieszka Macieja
Tel. +48 (0) 22 343 99 29; Fax +48 (0) 22 343 99 30;
E-mail: maciejaa@pl.rhenus.com

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