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Here you can select our various locations around Rhenus. You can choose between countries, the corresponding locations, business areas, as well as locations in your surrounding area.

Technical Services

You decide where our services begin and where they end. Rhenus Midi Data stands for relevant industry knowledge, precise planning processes and the best available network for technical transport services in Europe. We focus in particular on customised logistical transport and logistics solutions for unpacked, sensitive technical products. Rhenus Midi Data stands for extensive, precisely planned rollouts within narrow time frames, installation services, placements as well as user training and instruction for technically sophisticated products.

  • Configuration and pre-installation
  • Customising
  • Installation or updating of software
  • Testing, cleaning, repair
  • On-site visits / pre-inspections
  • Transfer to the workplace
  • Unpacking / positioning
  • Assembly / setup / wiring
  • Component, power and network connections
  • Calibration and test run / user demonstration
  • Replacement of components / replacement of equipment
  • Repair
  • User instruction
  • Field service


European market leaders trust in Rhenus Midi Data 
Rhenus Midi Data assists leading European companies in the development of their supply chains. Through close and trusting collaboration, we jointly develop logistics solutions that ensure the corporate success of our customers over the long term. We use special loading aids, some of which are patented, for our various transport and installation services. This keeps packing costs down and ensures damage-free transportation. These initiatives help ensure that the transport route is both sustainable and environmentally friendly.

We use our own vehicle fleet for transport in the majority of cases. The Rhenus Midi Data driving staff is comprised of proven installation experts, and therefore often trained professionals in electrics and mechanics. We also have additional teams of technicians who are in charge of the comprehensive installation and wiring of system components, and who at the same time have acquired professional knowledge through product training to subsequently train users directly at the installation site.

  • Efficient, internal network
    • Shared quality standard
    • Direct connection to technology sites
  • Consistent product definition
    • Uniform systems
    • Fixed schedule
    • Fixed delivery times
  • Fast, consistent reporting
  • Central coordination
    • One contact person
  • Continuous expansion of infrastructure
  • Link to closely interconnected technical services
  • On-site / Off-site


Rhenus Midi Data operates technical service centres within Europe. We offer comprehensive technical services for office communications, telecommunications and banking as well as in health care and medical technology, so as to configure and equip devices with the customers in mind. These platforms are also ideal for consolidating shipments and components before delivery to ensure that the components are delivered altogether and cost-efficiently as well as on time. Our customers can access a broad range of additional services in the centres, which we define and implement together: flexible and scalable.

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