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Here you can select our various locations around Rhenus. You can choose between countries, the corresponding locations, business areas, as well as locations in your surrounding area.

Rhenus is closely monitoring the outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the impact it has on supply chains, while ensuring the safety of our customers, partners and employees. As part of this, Rhenus has already taken extensive precautions to protect its sites and its employees in the event of further spread. These measures include raising the hygiene standards in our buildings and regularly informing our employees about the recommendations and prevention measures from the Irish Government/WHO. Please also bear in mind that we are currently replacing business trips with virtual meetings wherever possible.

Please help us to keep operations running smoothly:

  • Some countries have closed restaurants, bars, shopping malls and other public places. So, we are asking customers to confirm at the time of booking that the consignee is open and able to accept the goods. If consignees are unable to accept a delivery, we will aim to find suitable warehousing to offload and store the goods where possible. As a result, we may need to pass any cost involved with this back to you. Wasted journeys where deliveries are refused or not completed due to consignee closure are also likely to incur costs that will need to be passed back.
  • Please make sure that you have personal protection equipment (gloves, masks) ready if you require drivers to wear them upon entering your premises. This ensures we can pick-up/deliver your shipment directly without the need of a second pick-up/delivery attempt.
  • Document handling: Due to the current situation, the handling of documents within our network will be suspended until further notice. Customs documents are still expected. We kindly ask you to attach all documents to the shipment directly.
    POD signatures: If the consignee refuses to sign on glass or on the physical POD, our drivers are now instructed to ask for the name and ID of the recipient.

Please note: Most border closures and additional restrictions by governments across Europe do not apply to freight movements. The restrictions are, however leading to considerable delays at border crossings.

Despite this, the majority of countries are still allowing freight to move in and out of their countries. However, the situation is fluid and is not the case in all countries, where restrictions on driver nationalities and further measures have been taken. To see which countries have implemented which restrictions, and the accompanying effects on freight movements, please see the daily, country-specific updates, or the table below.

In the meantime, we are doing our utmost to maintain as close to our regular service as possible. Your local Rhenus contact will be in touch if your shipment is affected
(Revised 27th March)

Austria: Update 27th March

Austria has lifted its weekend travel ban, and the driving and resting times, that means drivers are not obliged to do their resting times, all controls have been suspended.

Our partners are reporting that the networks are still working to full capacity, however, due to the measurements put in place by the Austrian government, many customers have closed down and/or have closed their goods receiving department.

Additionally, delays are reported at the border, due to the border checks between Germany/Italy and Austria. In recent days, the situation at the Italian – Austrian border has improved, although minor delays still occur.

The following towns are still under quarantine. No deliveries and pick-ups will take place, except for businesses important for the supply chain, these will still be allowed to enter the Area of Tirol. By an adjustment of the decree, these measures have been prolonged until the 12th of April 2020.

The government has also put two villages (Nenzing-Dorf and Beschling) under quarantine, where only the transport of food supplies and medicine is allowed. Both of these areas are in postcode 6710.

  • 6000-6600 and 9900 Tirol
  • 5541, 5542, 5640, 5641, 5630, 5632, 5611, 5612  Salzburg area
  • 6580 St Anton am Arlberg
  • 6553, 6555 Kappl See
  • 6561 - 6562 Ischgl
  • 6563 Galtür
  • 9844 Heiligenblut
  • 6754 Klösterle
  • 6762-6764 Lech
  • 6767 Warth
  • 6888 Schröcken
  • 6710 Nenzing-Dorf and Beschling (new since 27.03.20)

Belgium: Update 18th March

Belgium has also shut down public spaces, except supermarkets and pharmacies. However, transport is not affected in any way.

As of the 18th of March, Belgium is now in a total lockdown, which has lead to more consignees closing. As such, before dispatching your shipment, please make sure that the consignee is open and able to receive your shipment.

Bosnia: Update 27th March

We have been informed by our partners that the waiting times to enter Serbia are 24 hours, and to enter Bosnia it will take approximately 5 hours.

Bulgaria: Update 19th March

Bulgaria has announced a state of emergency.

Additionally, Bulgaria has closed its borders for people coming from risk areas. There are special restrictions for truck drivers in place.

We are monitoring the situation closely.

Croatia: Update 27th March

The waiting times at the Croatian Border have gone down, we are currently experiencing delays of up to 3 hours. Additionally, some restrictions are in place for foreign drivers. Still, there are currently no waiting times at the Croatian borders reported.

We are expecting delays of at least 24 hours for deliveries and collections due to a reduction of shuttle lines to Bosnia-Herzegovina and Slovenia.

Due to heavy snowfall in Croatia, the border crossing Izačić-Ličko Petrovo Selo is still closed for all vehicles. For the island with the postcode 22243 only deliveries with food supplies and medicine are possible, as there has been an earthquake on the 26th March 2020.

Czech Republic: Update 16th March

The Czech government has locked down some cities in the eastern part of the country. These cities are under total lockdown and neither collections nor deliveries can take place. The following cities are affected by the lockdown.

  • CZ 784 01 Litovel,
  • CZ 783 91 Uničov
  • CZ 784 01 Červenka
  • CZ 784 01 Chořelice,
  • CZ 783 21 Chudobín,
  • CZ 783 21 Myslechovice,
  • CZ 783 21 Nasobůrky,
  • CZ 783 21 Nová Ves u Litovle,
  • CZ 784 01 Rozvadovice,
  • CZ 783 24 Savín,
  • CZ 784 01 Tři Dvory u Litovle,
  • CZ 784 01 Unčovice,
  • CZ 783 21 Víska u Litovle,
  • CZ 783 91 Benkov u Střelic,
  • CZ 789 75 Brníčko,
  • CZ 783 91 Dětřichov,
  • CZ 783 91 Dolní Sukolom,
  • CZ 783 91 Horní Sukolom,
  • CZ 783 91 Nová Dědina u Uničova,
  • CZ 783 91 Renoty
  • CZ 783 91 Střelice u Litovle.                                       

Other transports to and from the Czech Republic are still possible with some delays to be expected at the borders, as the smaller border crossing points are closed and health checks are conducted.

Denmark: Update 25th March

The government of Denmark has closed its border with neighbouring countries, although freight transport is still possible. Denmark has also decided to lift the restrictions of driving and resting times until the 11th of April 2020. We are expecting a positive impact on our operations.

The police will, as far as possible, take into account the access of trucks and, where possible, separate lanes for freight traffic will be made. Still, delays at the border are to be expected.

Denmark has also announced the closure of bars, shopping malls etc. Therefore, please do not send shipments to these businesses to Denmark.

Finland: Update 27th March

The city of Helsinki will also impose a general lockdown but will not restrict the transport of goods. Since the 19th of March 2020, Finland has also closed its borders, though this does not affect road transport.

The government has suspended the driving and resting time restrictions until the 25th of April. We are expecting a positive impact on our operations.

France: Update 23rd March

We would like to remind you to please make sure that the consignee of your shipment is in business and able to receive your shipment.

As per decision by the French president yesterday evening, the country will be set under full lock-down for the next 15 days. People are only allowed to leave their home except for grocery shopping, doctor visits and going to work.

Premium Services, advices or fixed dates cannot be offered anymore. Delays in distribution are expected.

Germany: Update 19th March

The German government has closed the border to Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Luxembourg and France, this is in effect since the 16th of March 2020. It was highlighted that this closure will not apply to freight transports.

The government has also decided to close all malls, bars, restaurants and similar locations.

The situation in Germany will be monitored during the next days, please consider, that also the capacities of our terminals and possibilities for distribution to customers may be affected.

Greece: Update 24th March

The Greek Prime Minister announced that Greece has imposed a national lockdown since of the 23rd March 2020, 06:00h CET. This does not affect freight transportation.

Hungary: Update 27th March

Since the 17th of March 2020, the Hungarian government has closed the borders. This does not apply for international transports or transit.
There are currently considerable delays to enter Hungary from Austria. The traffic jams are up to 17km long. Hungary will also impose a national lockdown for its inhabitants from Saturday onwards, but it will not affect road transport in general.

Ireland: Update 16th March

The ferry services have now stopped carrying passengers. It is still possible to ship semi-trailers, containers and swap bodies. Delays are to be expected.

Italy: Update 25th March

The Prime Minister of Italy has announced to close down all “non-vital” businesses and industries. In general, this rule does not apply to pharmaceutical companies and businesses which are vital for the food supply chain.

There is an interim period for companies to finish their current processes until today, therefore please check once again with your customers whether their customers will still be able to receive shipments from today on.

Our branches in Italy will remain open and will continue their operational services.

Before dispatching your shipment, please make sure that the consignee is open and able to receive your shipment. To ensure that our supply chains remain operational, we are carefully planning our transportation and warehousing capacities.

Shipments that can’t be delivered will be returned or stored temporarily - all costs incurred will be charged to the consignor. Thank you for your kind understanding.

The situation remains critical. The continuing lockdown and the ongoing spreading of the virus is leading to high absence rates of staff - this applies to both businesses as well as to transport companies. First Italian domestic networks are now reporting increasing delays in the distribution.

Latvia: Update 25th March

The government of Latvia has imposed restrictions for truck drivers entering the country. Currently, freight transport is not affected in any way.

Lithuania: Update 17th March

Lithuania is on quarantine and foreigners are not allowed to enter, which does not apply to truck drivers. For the drivers there are only health checks conducted, which might lead to delays when entering to Lithuania.

The traffic jams at the border to Poland have been cleared for now and traffic is running smoothly.

Netherlands: Update 18th March

The Dutch government has also closed down public spaces, without any restrictions on transports. At the moment no delays are reported.

Norway: Update 16th March

The government of Norway has closed their border to their neighboring countries. Freight transport is still possible; we are however experiencing delays at the borders.

As already announced, based on the decision of the Directorate of Health, Color Line has decided that all sailings on the Oslo - Kiel route for M / S Color Fantasy and M / S Color Magic will be canceled from Saturday the 14th of March to Thursday the 26th of March. The Ro-ro cargo ship M / S Color Carrier will however operate the Oslo-Kiel route with goods in the usual manner and as per regular schedule. This will lead to delays towards and from Norway.

Poland: Update 27th March

The government of Poland declared the state of epidemiological emergency and has closed the borders for all foreign travelers. Freight transportation is not affected.

Poland has also lifted the rules for driving and resting times until the 16th of April 2020, we expect a positive impact on our operations.

Currently all traffics at the borders are running smoothly.

Portugal: Update 19th March

Road traffic has been stopped in general at the Portuguese borders, which does not apply to freight transports. However, only main border crossing points with Spain will remain open.

Portugal has declared quarantine for the area of Ovar (Aveiro District, Baixo Vouga Subregion). The following postcode ranges are affected:

  • 3880-000
  • 3885-999

No pickups and deliveries are possible in this area anymore, except for vital supplies such as food, medicine and gas.

Romania: Update 19th March

The government of Romania has closed several border checkpoints. Romania imposed travel restrictions, which do not apply to international road freight transport.

There are currently some delays to be expected at the Hungarian – Romanian border.

Russia: Update 27th March

Since the 20th of March 2020, for a period of one month, the Russian Government has cancelled all restrictions (including customs) on the supply of essential consumer goods, and a “green corridor” has been established for importers and large retail chains. A zero rate of customs duties has been levied on the import of a number of goods, including medicines and medical products. The Government also declared a nonbusiness week (national holiday) for the entire country on the 25th of March 2020, which does not apply to international road transport.

Serbia: Update 27th March

The Serbian border has been closed for entry through Bosnia with strict checks at the border. The waiting times are currently up to 24 hours. In the distribution delays of at least 24 hours can be expected. The current waiting times at the border to enter Serbia has relayed and is currently at about 1-2 hours.

Shuttle services to Macedonia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Albania and Bosnia are scheduled.

Slovakia: Update 17th March

The government of Slovakia has closed its borders with neighbouring countries. This does not affect national and international transports as well as transit.

The Slovakian government has decided to closed all shops, bars and restaurants. Therefore, please kindly make sure that the consignee of your goods is able to accept them.

Slovenia: Update 27th March

The Slovenian government has updated its regulations on the road freight transport to Slovenia. Only four border crossing points remain open for entry through Italy. The road freight transport from Italy to Slovenia is currently stopped at the border except for:
• Trucks with their final destination in Slovenia
• Trucks with postage, medicine equipment, pharmaceutical products or humanitarian help

Transit through Slovenia is now only allowed when organised in convoys by the Slovenian police. This will lead to considerable delays for trucks waiting to transit Slovenia. We are currently expecting delays of at least 24 hours for all collections and deliveries made.

The will be limited shuttle services to Serbia, Bosnia and Croatia.

Spain: Update 27th March

The Spanish Government has also decided to lift the driving and resting times for drivers from the 29th of March 2020 until the 12th of April 2020.

Due to the lockdown decision by the Spanish Government, we expect further close-downs of businesses as the situation develops. There is also a possibility that the Government implements new restrictions in the country, as the situation develops. The quarantine areas mentioned below are still in place.

Spain has also lifted the driving and resting times since the 17th of March 2020, this does not apply to the transport of Dangerous Goods. We are expecting a positive impact on our operations.

Region: Arroyo de la Luz 10900
Regions: Cartagena, San Pedro, San Javier, Los Alcázares, La Unión, Mazarrón y Águilas 

  • 30201 – 30205
  • 30300
  • 30310
  • 30319
  • 30330
  • 30350 – 30351
  • 30360
  • 30365; 30367 – 30370
  • 30380 - 30385
  • 30389 - 30398
  • 30593 - 30594
  • 30835
  • 30868
  • 30740
  • 30730
  • 30710
  • 30860
  • 30870
  • 30875 -30879
  • 30880
  • 30889

The lockdowns in the previously communicated cities are still in effect as well. These postcodes are the following:

ZIP City ZIP City
08280 Calaf 08719-43421   Bellprat
08281 Calonge de Segarra 08779 La Llacuna
08281 Castellfollit de Riubregós 08781 Pierola
08281 Copóns 08783 Capellades
08281 Prat del rey 08783 Masquefa
08281 Salavinera 08784 Piera
08282 Pujalt 08785 Vallbona
08282 Sant Marti sasguioles 08787 Carme
08289 Veciana 08787 La Pobla de Claramunt
08294 Bruch 08787 Orpí
08711 Argensola 08787 Santa María de Miralles
08712 San Martin de Tous 08789 Torre de Claramunt
08717 Montmaneu 08700 Igualada
08718 Cabrera de Igualada 08711 Òdena
08719 Castellolí 08710 Santa Margarida de Montbul
08719 Jorba 08788 Vilanova del Cami
08719 Rubió    

Turkey: Update 27th March

The Turkish government now carries out health checks at their borders, delays are to be expected.

Truck drivers from most countries will have to undergo a 14-day quarantine at the border. Turkish truck drivers entering the country from most countries will be quarantined for 14 days at home. Currently, there are traffic jams of up to 45km at the border between Bulgaria and Turkey.

Ukraine: Update 18th March

The government of Ukraine now carries out checks at their borders which leads to considerable delays of 13-23 hours.

United Kingdom: Update 24th March

The UK Government has declared a country-wide lockdown for three weeks. All non-essential retail stores have been ordered to close, such as clothing, electronic stores, salons, markets, libraries etc. As such, before dispatching your shipment, please make sure that the consignee is open and able to receive your shipment.

The UK Government has also decided to lift the restrictions on driving and resting times. We are expecting a positive impact on our operations.





In the meantime, if you have any further questions, please get in touch with your local Rhenus contact, who will be happy to help.

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