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Rhenus Svoris Lithuania - Warehouse Logistics

Contract Logistic

Business, that has a need to store goods, usually faces the key question: to buy a warehouse or to rent, or to purchase warhousing services. Although, the perception is still strong, that owned property is cheaper than the rented one, in terms of costs, that are required for staff, and warehouse maintenance , it usually turns out that owning a warehouse is not an option. Warehouse services, provided by a professional logistics company, significantly reduce the organizational and operational costs, and allow you to focus on the main activities of your business. Professional logistics companies also ensure the quality and effectiveness of the service.

Rhenus Logistics is a part of international Rhenus Logistics Group, which was established over 100 years ago. Constant exchange of longstanding experience and innovation in the field of logistics is the basis, which enables Rhenus Logistics to ensure services compliant with high standards, transparency and reliability.

Warehouse services

Logistics Company Rhenus Logistics operates in Lithuanian market from 1989 year and has longstanding experience of handling various types of stored goods. Company's warehouses in Vilnius provide three types of warehouse services:

  • CROSS DOCK type services - reloading or reloading and freight consolidation services.
  • Warehouse services for the European Union goods. Services are customized to individual client needs.
  • Warehousing services for non-EU goods (customs warehouse, post-customs handling).

The work processes are highly effective and feature fully automated share of information about the stored goods. That's why we are able to fulfill more tasks within the tight timeframe and ensure a high quality of services. Thanks to fully integrated warehouse management and accounting system EQUINOX VISION6, every customer can manage the residue of goods, set the services, that are needed, control the organization of work process, and receive detailed reports on performed tasks. To achieve highly effective management of our warehouses we employ the system integrated software: customs, working hours, transportation management, archiving of documents, and video surveillance. If it is needed, the system allows a playback of events, monitoring of quality, and reduction of administrative costs.

Contract Logistic Services

  • Storage of goods
  • Pick'n'Pack, repackaging
  • Labeling and stickers
  • Barcode system
  • Order picking according to LIFO, FIFO, Fefo criteria
  • Residue management
  • Video surveillance
  • Warehouse temperature control 
  • Customs brokerage
  • Warehouse hygiene passport for food
  • Integration with e-shops
  • License of veterinary pharmacy

Transhipment Logistics – Terminal services

Thanks to long-standing experience in the freight terminal services, we have a know-how in handling different freight packages:

  • Handling of freight heavier than five tons
  • Manual and mechanized freight operations of various packages: pallets, boxes, rolls, profiles, equipment, structures, etc.
  • Control of goods with surveillance equipment:
    • Video surveillance system with a monthly record storage
    • Bar code system for specific packages
    • Photos of damaged packages on arrival
    • Weighing, measuring.

Rhenus is a part of international Rhenus Logistics Group. Constant exchange of longstanding experience and innovation in the field of logistics s the basis, which enables Rhenus Logistics to ensure terminal services that are compliant with high standards, transparency and reliability.

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