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  • Rhenus Svoris Latvia - Warehouse logistics

    Warehouse logistics

  • Rhenus Svoris Latvia - Road freight

    Road freight

  • Rhenus Svoris Latvia - Sea & Air freight

    Sea & Air freight

  • Rhenus Svoris Latvia - Distribution


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1. About us  
Contact SAS Rhenus Svoris (Branch in Latvia) Dommo biznesa park, "Lapegles", Stunisi, Rigas rajons, 2123 Riga, Latvia Ph.: +371 67152763 info@lv.rhenus.com About us „Rhenus Svoris“ is...  
2. Data Protection Declaration  
Data Protection Policy I.  Name and address of the controller The controller in the sense of the General Data Protection Regulation and other national data protection laws in the member states...  
3. Picture credits  
Picture credits The following is a list of picture credits for pictures, photos, videos that are featured on our website:  www.lv.rhenus.com and its subpages. The mentioning of credits...  
4. Thank you  
Thank you for your interest! We will get in touch with you as soon as possible.  
5. Career  
Career at Rhenus Svoris "Rhenus Svoris" is part of one of the largest providers of logistics services in Europe, Rhenus Logistics. Company overall has 580 offices with more than 28,000...  
6. Customers Entry  
Coming soon!  
7. Services & Contacts  
Distribution Sea & Air Freight Road Freight Warehouse Logistics Services Make use of Rhenus Svoris services to ensure that your goods are handled in the best possible manner by our...  
8. History  
History Coming soon!  
9. Quality  
Quality Service quality has top-ranking for us. Already for several years the company works according to the quality controlling system certificated by ISO. The quality system was created for the...  
10. Warehouse Logistics  
Warehouse services Logistics company Rhenus Svoris operates in Lithuanian market from 1989 year and has longstanding experience of handling various types of stored goods. Company’s warehouses in...  
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SAS Rhenus Svoris

Branch in Latvia
Dommo biznesa park, "Lapegles",
Stunisi, Rigas rajons,
LV-2123 Riga, Latvia
Phone: +371 67152763
E-Mail.: info@lv.rhenus.com