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Rhenus Netherlands - E-Commerce


The hundreds of millions of consumers in Europe need vast quantities of products every day. From dog food to clothing, from sofas to toasters. Fast-growing numbers of consumers are increasingly ordering the products they need from specialist e-commerce businesses through the Internet. Rhenus E-Commerce services ensures that the products purchased through e-commerce businesses are delivered to the consumer on time in the right form and quantity.

Rhenus E-Commerce services is responsible for managing the total supply chain behind countless web shops. This is our core business. With these activities Rhenus E-Commerce services seamlessly meets the needs of web shops so that they can fully concentrate on their own purchasing and marketing activities.

For a number of clients, Rhenus E-Commerce services sends and delivers more than 20,000 packages to addresses across Europe within 24 hours. No two packages are the same given that consumers' wishes always differ when it comes to the type and size of the products they want to order. Rhenus E-Commerce services also arranges the inevitable returns that are part and parcel of web sales.

Flexibility is paramount. We adeptly handle peak sales periods and also take care of financial matters, such as sending the accompanying invoices and recording payments, and the entire VAT declaration and settlement process.

Rhenus Contract Logistics' comprehensive service package ensures that Rhenus E-Commerce services can provide any conceivable service within the total web shop supply chain. In consultation with the client, we create the most suitable package to maximise efficiency and cost control.

The service package relates to:

  • Customer services (contact centre, order acceptance, import and export documentation, etc.)
  • Logistics services (order fulfilment, product traceability and monitoring, carrier management and selecting the appropriate carrier)
  • Value added services (stock control, handling returns, repackaging and relabelling, repairing returned articles, calibration and testing)
  • Financial services (keeping records of transactions, customer invoicing, debtor monitoring, financial reporting and tax administration)

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