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Fashion Logistics - RHenus Netherlands


Rhenus Fashion Logistics caters to its different fashion customers with a team specifically set up for that purpose. The clothing industry is characterized by a long chain versus an oftentimes short life-cycle. Much of the transport takes place by ocean, and sometimes by air or by road. Logistics can make the difference between being successful or running behind the facts in an industry such as this. The fashion specialists of Rhenus Fashion Logistics have the experience and the knowledge to take over the management of freight logistics, allowing our fashion customers to focus on their core business. Thanks to our innovation, you are assured of cutting-edge logistics and you can tap into new markets without a problem.

Total solution and chain management

We have rolled out a total solution for different customers in the clothing industry. Our customer focuses on selling its articles, while Rhenus manages the entire logistics chain from A to Z, thereby managing the entire purchase-to-order process for you. We monitor the supplier delivery schedules to ensure on-time delivery. Supply chain visibility is guaranteed. If we notice a delay arising somewhere in the chain, we will take action. In our experience, rapid intervention can help prevent significant problems further down the chain; we offer our clients a responsive supply chain. Obviously this is only possible in close cooperation between you and Rhenus. We are just the right company to handle your textiles, whether we transport them vertically or horizontally. We always take the quickest route from the supplier to the destination. You decide whether we should deliver the goods to your store, your warehouse or a trading partner for further processing.

Quality checks and total management

Rhenus Fashion Logistics sees fashion as a growth market. Our current fashion network helps us in our role as the supply chain manager, providing total logistics management services to customers, from distribution to retail level. You can also select from our extensive range of additional services like ironing by hand, using steam ironing dummies, finishing, labelling and many others. Rhenus Fashion Logistics is able to deliver a tailor made solution for every logistic problem. Ultimately, it is you, the customer, who benefits from this.

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