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Fresh Food Logistics


Rhenus Fresh is specialized in the handling of perishable cargo. Since 1985, Rhenus Fresh has been handling both ocean- and airfreight, both import and export.

Quality control and personal attention to the detail are essential. Due to the time critical character of perishable, our staff is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Throughout the years, Rhenus Fresh has put much effort in the education of its specialized staff. Therefore our employees are not only familiar with all know-how of air and ocean transportation, but with all aspects of the product as well. This knowledge will be kept up to date by attending seminars, visiting import and export companies and business related exhibitions.

Our warehouse comprises of spacious, well-conditioned cool- and freeze chambers. One of the benefits is the fact that the shipper can deliver his shipments as late and as fresh as possible.

We know how time-sensitive your product is. Strict monitoring of the quality of the goods and detailed personal care and attention are very important. That is why Rhenus Fresh offers full temperature controlled storage and trucks, personal and professional care from our team 7 days a week, 24 hours a day and total supply chain visibility.

Rhenus Fresh retains full control of the handling of your shipments. Another advantage is that the exporter can deliver the shipments as late and as fresh as possible. This way we can transport chilled and frozen shipments in excellent condition to the airline or shipping company.

Rhenus Fresh is one of the leading logistics providers in e-Freight. e-Freight is an initiative of the IATA e-freight aims to take the paper out of air cargo and to replace it with the exchange of electronic data and messages thus reducing costs, improving transit times, accuracy and the competitiveness of airfreight.

Agricultural Products

Selling your products to countries worldwide is what you do best. Exporting your products to your shops or customers outside of Europe might require expertise you do not necessarily have. You may want to hire an expert for your agricultural export activities. A smooth fresh export service requires a proven and extensive network of people, companies and customs organizations. At Rhenus Fresh we are able to assist you in exporting your products. Through its global network of specialized agents Rhenus Fresh can realize the transport of agricultural products to any destination.

The most common agricultural products Rhenus Fresh transports are: fresh cut flowers, live plants, cuttings, flower bulbs and seeds.

We know fresh products. We have more than 30 years of experience in refrigerated transport services and innovative solutions.

Designed to help you more efficiently bring fresh products to your customers, our strategically located Rhenus Fresh warehouse in Aalsmeer features consolidation, repack services, cross docking and import and export handling.

Let us combine forces for you, leveraging both our produce and logistics expertise to bring you efficiencies and streamline your entire supply chain.

You can be assured of the highest quality at competitive rates. Speed and flexibility are important in conditioned transport of temperature sensitive products. In order to guarantee the freshness of the product, costumers are able to deliver their product last-minute.

We also offer you innovative programs and savvy technology tools that will allow you visibility throughout the entire supply chain.


Your products should be handled under appropriate controlled conditions. The expiration date and quality of your products are central. Rhenus Fresh offers comprehensive transport services for fresh products which require controlled temperature in the entire supply chain. We maintain full control over the (cool) chain

The foodstuffs we ship include frozen/fresh meat, frozen/fresh fish, vegetables, fruits, cheese, diary, wine, chocolate and delicacies.

Rhenus Fresh is specialized in temperature controlled transport from beginning to end. For storage and transport of sensitive products such as meat and fish can be trusted on the expert staff of Rhenus Fresh.

Our employees know exactly where the bottlenecks are and handle your sensitive products with the utmost care. We provide the necessary documents and customs formalities.

Rhenus Fresh offers efficient and dedicated transport for perishable goods. Our staff is specially trained to handle and care for perishable goods, from the moment your products are entrusted to Rhenus Fresh, to the time they are delivered at their destination.


Your pets, cattle and zoological animals are in good hands with Rhenus Fresh. We can arrange the transport of any animal by air to any destination.

As animal transport specialist we can assist you during the entire transport. Rhenus Fresh can support you with transport activities and customs clearance. Complimentary services include airport collection and delivery, quarantine services and boarding for your animal at either end of the journey.

Rhenus Fresh has many years of experience in the transportation of all types of animals. We transported the most rare and exotic animals all over the world. Whether it comes to pets, zoo animals, horses, birds or livestock: the specialists of Rhenus Fresh will arrange everything to perfection.

Rhenus Fresh acts in accordance to the latest AATA (Animal Air Transportation Association) regulations. This assures a smooth handling of all sometimes complex procedures. Good relations with the airlines and border inspection agencies make it possible for us to act swiftly. Our experience in combination with anticipating your needs and requirements will result in maximum efficiency for your transports.


Rhenus Fresh is a leading logistics services provider for the pharmaceutical industries. We work with some of the world’s leading companies. Our visibility and monitoring service supports an additional array of services at every stage of the supply chain, specifically tailored to the needs of companies working in the pharmaceutical industry.

The delivery of products that save lives is a big responsibility. The risks are much higher than in a regular distribution environment. We transport a large number of pharmaceutical products to the other side of the world. Keeping pharmaceutical products at the right temperature is vital. We monitor the temperature, maintain the quality and do our utmost to avoid delays.

Our staff has extensive knowledge of pharmaceutical products and knows how to handle these correctly. We ensure that the temperature controlled transport is not interrupted.

We also arrange the transport of medical documents and certificates.

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