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the world's first CO2 reduction program in airfreight

Corporate social responsibility is important, especially in view of future generations. With RHEGREEN, Rhenus shows how it takes sustainability seriously. The CO2 reduction program is an initiative that Rhenus Air & Ocean has developed for airfreight shipments. You now have the opportunity to choose the most environmentally friendly option for the transport of your airfreight to a certain destination at no extra cost.

Proven sustainability

RHEGREEN is a completely new airfreight service developed by Rhenus Air & Ocean. The service is also the world's first CO2 reduction program for airfreight. RHEGREEN gives you the opportunity to choose the most efficient aircraft from a sustainability point of view. Not only can you reduce emissions but you can also communicate this to your stakeholders within the framework of your CSR policy.

RHEGREEN calculates CO2 emissions per route

RHEGREEN is a calculation method based on available types of equipment, fuel consumption and distances to be covered. In short: RHEGREEN calculates which aircraft is most efficient in terms of CO2 emissions per route. An external party has validated the transparency and independency of the calculation method. This validation confirmed that by making the greenest choice, a CO2 reduction of 10 to 40 percent per shipment can be achieved.

Available from and to more and more airports

RHEGREEN is offered on flights from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport to several destinations like Chicago, Mexico City, Mumbai, Shanghai, Singapore, San Francisco and Hong Kong. And from Brussel to Shanghai and Frankfurt to New York, Shanghai and Hong Kong. RHEGREEN will expand to more destinations and rolled out worldwide within the Rhenus network. 

Combine modalities and sustainability

Within Rhenus Air & Ocean we offer various services, from oceanfreight to airfreight. Both services benefit from the worldwide Rhenus network. Ultimately, you decide which logistics service you want to choose and a wide choice is important. RHEGREEN now offers you - in addition to speed, price and reliability - this new sustainability choice.


Terms and conditions
All our activities are freight forwarding activities. The Dutch Forwarding Conditions of the FENEX, in its latest version and including the arbitration clause, apply to all our activities and legal relationships. Please find a PDF copy of the terms and conditions here. A copy can also be downloaded from our website www.rhenus.com/en/nl. Dutch law applies. Claims that Rhenus Air & Ocean B.V. may bring before the court under Article 23(1) of the Dutch Forwarding Conditions are settled exclusively by the competent Dutch court in the town or city where Rhenus Air & Ocean B.V. has its official business address. The principal shall continuously indemnify Rhenus Air & Ocean B.V. - as well as on first request from Rhenus Air & Ocean B.V. provide security - for all claims of third parties resulting from or connected to any order given by the Principal to Rhenus Air & Ocean B.V., including, but not limited to, fiscal claims, penalties and balances payable. RHEGREEN is a trade name of Rhenus Air & Ocean B.V.. Chamber of Commerce reg. no. 34062275.

Other provisions

The purpose of the RHEGREEN tool is to estimate the amount of CO2 emissions of cargo loads during a specific flight defined by the departure airport and the arrival airport.

  • RHEGREEN is a carbon footprinting tool that allows clients to estimate CO2 emissions on airfreight routings and carriers before the shipment is booked.
  • The RHEGREEN tool estimates fuel use per flight per kg freight, which is converted into CO2 emissions (factor 3.16). The estimation is based on the technical specifications of the aircrafts and operational data (flight distance, routing, aircraft type etc.) of third parties.
  • The RHEGREEN tool is based on capacity-based allocation, which assigns proportional emissions to passengers and belly cargo. 
  • The scope is limited to air operations and will not include possible road legs (which may have flight numbers).
  • Shipments offloaded, by the airline, of the green flight, will be rebooked on the next available flight unless principal advises otherwise (by written instruction).
  • Rhenus Air & Ocean B.V. and/or RHEGREEN cannot be held liable for last minute aircraft changes decided upon by the airline. These changes might be of influence on the CO2 emissions of the cargo.
  • RHEGREEN aims to comply, where possible and realistic, with the industry methods such as the GLEC Framework and de IATA RP1678.
  • The RHEGREEN tool is validated by an independent third party.
  • RHEGREEN is a trade name of Rhenus Air & Ocean B.V.

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