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Contract Logistics - Order Fulfillment

Order Fulfillment

Rhenus Contract Logistics currently services over 60 customers, out of our various locations in the Netherlands. The customers vary from small complex Med-tech operation to very large volumetric e-commerce operations. We have several customers for which we operate a Multi-channel process, combining their B2B and B2C logistics in one warehouse, bringing forth many benefits. With no exception, these operations relate to cross-border fulfilment from one of our warehouses in the Netherlands.

The number of orders that are processed on a daily basis vary from 10 orders up to 25.000 per day for a single customer, with a variation in number of SKU's from 10 to 8.000. The product range of our current customers ranges from class III medical device products, heart valves, books and pet supplies to maritime navigation systems and robotics.

Multi-channel Solutions

The customer comes first. The different ways of handling the channels and the constantly changing order and acceptance arrangements require highly efficient, but extremely flexible warehouse logistics structures and models. Rhenus Contract Logistics has the ideal logistics facilities to cope with the combination of demands in forward and reverse logistics and the associated flexibility of the channels. Rhenus Contract Logistics manages to concentrate different logistics requirements in one handling operation.

B2B Solutions

Rhenus Contract Logistics takes on extensive tasks in handling warehouse logistics processes for store-based companies combined with providing value-added services to support the sales process. Pre-picking work for individual stores and particular topic areas and the preparation and processing of goods for sale, including pricing, are just some examples of the services that we offer.

We support ecological matters, for example, by developing individual reusable containers, including RFID management through our own packaging skills center. 

B2C Solutions

Rhenus Contract Logistics offers everything that rapidly growing business models require. Existing multi-user facilities enable the company to cope with huge surges in growth. Rhenus Contract Logistics already has a closely knit network of e-commerce networks in Europe and Asia.

Scalable, highly dynamic and efficient IT systems guarantee speed, transparency and quality advantages in a competitive environment. Flexible personnel and warehouse models and a European network of business sites complete the successful logistics operations for e-commerce. In addition to handling warehouse logistics tasks, Rhenus Contract Logistics supports specific business models and provides a wide variety of value-added services.

Fulfilment services, customer account management, call centers, setting up online marketing/shops and the company’s own 2-man handling with technical installation and assembly services within transport networks complete the portfolio of services offered by the Rhenus Group.

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