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Road Freight Services

Roadfreight Services

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Rhenus Road specialises in providing a unique road forwarding concept for the distribution of goods, offering daily collection and departures to Rhenus hubs throughout Western and Eastern Europe, the Balkans and Baltic states, as well as to Nordic countries, Russia and CIS states.

Our integrated Rhenus network ensures that your shipment arrives correctly, whether it is groupage, part-load or full-load, or is serviced directly via our door-to-door, driver-accompanied trailer service.

The total volume of business we handle and the direct services we offer also translate into excellent negotiating power when dealing with ferry and shuttle companies, haulers and others, allowing our rates to remain competitive and our quality of service exceptional. Equally, Rhenus Road’s experience in organizing the transport of  goods to and from non-EU destinations makes us experts at all aspects of customs documentation and clearance.

Logistics require intelligent management operations so that goods are in the right place, at the right time, in the right quality, around the globe – whether this involves groupage freight operations or complete loads, standard dimensions or special consignments, regular or express services. We can organize the transport of your shipment by truck from the polar circle to the Mediterranean or from the Algarve to the Ural Mountains using our widespread network. We manage complex sourcing and distribution systems with ease and provide the same passion and care to small and medium-sized enterprises as to major corporations.

Wherever possible, we combine the means of transport, for example by linking railway and truck services to form intermodal solutions. In addition to just transporting the goods, we also provide full services and can support your entire supply chain, from sourcing to production, disposal and distribution, and even can handle after-sales business.

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