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  • Rhenus Logistics Poland – Freight Logistics


    We are a specialized and experienced logistic service provider designing and implementing warehouse solutions suited to customer’s requirements.

  • Rhenus Logistics Poland – Freight Logistics


    We offer full service and support of the complete supply chain starting from production supply, sales, distribution and post-sales service.

  • Rhenus Logistics Poland – Port Logistics


    Complete range of port, customs and transshipment services both in ports and storage terminals, enables us to execute the most complex logistic projects.

  • Rhenus Logistics Poland – High-Tech Logistics


    Rhenus Delivery Services specializes High Tech Logistics in the field of equipment transport with additional services such as: bringing, unpacking, positioning, assembly, receipt and disposal of packaging.


    Rhenus Delivery Services specializes Home Delivery Logistics in the field of transport with additional services, such as: bringing, unpacking, positioning, assembly, receipt and recycling of packaging.

  • Rhenus Logistics Poland – Data Logistics


    Rhenus Data Office Polska is a specialized provider of integrated document and information management solutions.


Dear Customer,

At Rhenus Logistics we are observing the situation related to the coronavirus very closely and have already introduced extensive precautionary measures and developed procedures in order to protect our employees and business sites. We have also set up a dedicated team to monitor the situation very carefully, reassess it every day and adapt the measures accordingly.

29.07.2020 Update // Rhenus Poland

Since the 13th of June this year border checks on the entire section of the internal border (EU countries) have been completed. The abolition of border control at the internal border also means the abolition of sanitary control and the absence of quarantine. Restrictions, including restrictions on the entry of foreigners into Poland and quarantine, still apply at the EU external border.

A dedicated Rhenus Logistics team has been established, that monitors the messages issued by the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate (GIS) and other state authorities on an ongoing basis, and monitors the situation in the entire Rhenus Group as well. All precaution actions recommended by the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate are implemented.

Please find below an operational status of realisation the services provided  by Rhenus in Poland:

  • Warehousing Solutions
    Rhenus warehouses operates without any obstacles.
  • Road Transport
    The national distribution network works smoothly.  Possible delays in deliveries due to extended sanitary procedures introduced when transferring goods to recipients.
    Possible delays in international transport borders between EU countries.

  • Air & Ocean

    Air transport:

    In the coming days, the network of possible connections on the routes will improve:

    - Krakow / Warsaw - London - Krakow / Warsaw
    - Krakow - Chicago - Krakow

    Ocean transport:
    FCL / LCL transports from China are booked on a regular basis, without too much waiting, however we received information that there are other problems of technical nature in the ports themselves (mainly FCL) - there is a significant number of loaded containers already in ports,
    which have not yet hit ships and this is slowly becoming a limiting factor. Partly this is the result of blank sailing at shipowners, but in
    mainly due to the lack of willingness or ability to secure contracts by the recipients (no technical delivery possibilities in connection
    with many restrictions in Europe, limited markets - the same reason).
    Currently there are delays in the organization of transport within Indonesia - delivery restrictions.
    Improvement expected in the next two weeks. Please arrange it in advance.

    Rail transport:
    Please be advised that the delay in deliveries by rail (RAIL) is reduced to approx. 3-4 days.

    We also want the right side of the new product offered by RHENUS - transport
    combined ROUTE + RAIL from China. Proof of shortening the delivery time by a few days in the relationship
    to Poland, as well as the possibility of using supplies to the source of European countries.

  • Home Delivery & High Tech Logistics
    All services are provided as standard.

29.07.2020 Update // Rhenus Network

General Information


Please note that some countries have now closed one or several border checkpoints. Although these measures usually do not apply to freight transportation, they can still lead to diversions and delays due to health checks and traffic jams.

Information applying to all shipments:

Before dispatching your shipment, please make sure that the consignee is in business and able to receive your shipment. In order to ensure that our supply chains remain operational, we are carefully planning our transportation and warehousing capacities.

Document handling: Due to the current situation, the handling of documents (invoices, delivery notes and related documents) within our network will be suspended until further notice. Customs documents are explicitly expected from this rule. We kindly ask you to directly attach all documents in a delivery note pocket to the shipment.

POD signatures: If the consignee refuses to sign on glass or on the physical POD our drivers are now instructed to ask for the name and ID of the recipient.

  • Austria
    The number of infections raises fast in Austria; therefore, the entry regulations have been intensified again and will be maintained until 30 September. The logistics sector remains unaffected from it.

  • Belarus
    Health checks are carried out at the border from Poland to Belarus. Average delays of 1-2 days have been reported.

  • Belgium
    Belgium reopened most of its business and there should be only minor problems with deliveries. Social distancing and the use of masks are highly recommended.
    Before dispatching your shipment, please make sure that the consignee is in business and able to receive your shipment.

  • Bosnia
    The situation at the Bosnian border with Serbia has relaxed a little bit since last week. There are currently waiting times at the border with Croatia, due to reduced staff at the customs checks. There are currently no waiting times to enter Croatia from Bosnia.

  • Bulgaria
    Since 22 July the border crossing point with Greece “Ilinden – Exochi” has been closed for all nationalities and all vehicles (incl. trucks) in both directions until 03 August.

  • Croatia
    After the announcement of the European Commission, the Croatian government has confirmed that there will be no restrictions to the transport of goods when using the Green Lanes.
    The delays at the Croatian-Serbian border are at about 1-2 hours for entry to Croatia and 1 hour for exit from Croatia.
    We are expecting delays of at least 24 hours for deliveries and collections. Shuttle services are scheduled for Serbia, Bosnia and Slovenia.

  • Czech Republic
    All borders to Austria, Poland and Slovakia are fully opened.

  • Denmark
    Denmark reopened almost all business and there should be only minor issues with deliveries.
    Before dispatching your shipment, please make sure that the consignee is in business and able to receive your shipment. Still, delays at the border are to be expected.

  • Estonia
    The Government of Estonia has announced a lockdown in the country and has decided to close all shops in the country except supermarkets and pharmacies. There are border checks conducted by the authorities, but no delays are reported. As of 01 June 2020, the Estonian borders have been reopened for people arriving from European countries.
    The free movement between the three states (Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia) has been restored since 15 May 2020. This is possible for people with a permanent residence in the three states and that do not show any symptoms. It has also been announced that people from Finland are allowed to travel to Estonia more frequently, without being required to go into quarantine, only if they do not show any symptoms.

  • Finland
    The Finnish government lifted the state of emergency on 16 June 2020. The internal border controls with Norway have been stopped as well. Border controls with the other countries remain in place until 14 July 2020. On 24 June 2020 the Finnish government adopted the guidelines on travel and border crossing rules. Internal border controls have been lifted for the following countries: Germany, Italy, Austria, Greece, Switzerland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, and Liechtenstein. People coming from Croatia, Cyprus and Iceland are allowed to enter Finland.
    Self-isolation remains recommended for people arriving from countries that are still subject to internal or external border control. Such countries include Sweden and Russia. Self-isolation is not required if the person arrives from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Denmark or Iceland.

  • France
    As announced by the government, France is now starting to leave the lockdown. The situation has relaxed, the national distribution networks are recovering, but are not yet on full capacity. Issues are still to be expected in the western and southeastern regions of France.
    Most of the business reopened, cafes and restaurants are also allowed to reopen, if they are located in specific “green zones”. We would like to remind you to please make sure that the consignee of your shipment is in business and able to receive your shipment.
    On 14 May 2020, the French Ministry of the Interior issued an authorisation form with which transport companies can perform domestic operations beyond 100km from their place of establishment and outside their department of residence.
    Same day deliveries, advices or fixed dates cannot be offered anymore. The reduction of capacity in the French networks will lead to delays. We are aware of the current performance issues in the whole domestic transport market. Domestic networks have already restarted and increased their production this week. Performance improvements are expected for next week.
    The French government has also released a decree that signatures for B2C deliveries are not necessary anymore and are therefore suspended until further notice.

  • Georgia
    The entry requirements for Georgia have been tightened. With few exceptions, foreign travelers are no longer allowed to enter. Freight traffic is still allowed. Drivers who have been in the EU in the past few days are placed into a 14-day quarantine.
    Average delays of 1-2 days have been reported.

  • Germany
    The German government has opened the borders to Austria, Switzerland, France, and Luxembourg on 16 May 2020. On 15 June 2020 the border with Denmark will be opened again. All border crossing points will be operative again. The controls will be reduced to sample checks at the borders with Austria, Switzerland, and France. With Luxembourg, the controls will be abandoned completely.
    The German Federal administration did not extend the temporary driving and rest time regulations after 31 May 2020. The regulation according to Article 14.2 of the EU Regulation 561⁄2006 will fully apply again from June.
    The government has also decided to close all malls, bars, restaurants and similar locations. The government has announced that from 20 April 2020, smaller shops are allowed to reopen again.
    The delays from the Czech Republic to Germany have been cleared so far and there are no delays reported.

  • Greece
    Caused by raising infections Greece has closed the borders on 22 July. The closure will be maintained until 04 August.
    There are some except border crossing points where entering and leaving with the truck is still/ again possible:
    • Ktismata - Kakavia (border to Albania)
    • Kapshtice - Krystallopigi (border to Albania)
    • Evzoni - Bogorodica (border to Nothern Macedonia)
    • Kulata - Promachonas (border to Bulgaria)
    • Makaza - Nymfaia (border to Bulgaria)
    • Ormenio - Captain Petko Voyvoda (border to Bulgaria)
    • Kipi - Evros (border to Turkey)
  • Hungary
    Since 17 March 2020, the Hungarian government has closed the borders. This does not apply for international transports or transit.
    The delays to enter Hungary from Croatia are currently about 4 hours. Hungary also has imposed a national lockdown for its inhabitants since 28 March 2020, This does not affect road transportation in general.

  • Ireland
    The ferry services have now stopped carrying passengers. It is still possible to ship semi-trailers, containers and swap bodies. Delays are to be expected.
    Ireland has also lifted the regulations on driving and resting times. This measure has now been extended until 31 May 2020. Ireland has now entered the first phase of easing the lockdown - as from 18 May 2020 Hardware Shops, Garden Centres, Homeware shops, electrical and IT shops and phone shops are allowed to reopen. Outdoor Construction workers and Gardeners can return to work as well. We are expecting a positive impact on our operations.
    Other shops and industries will follow from June to August in different phases. Updates will be provided accordingly.
    Therefore, please check with your customers whether they are still open and only send the goods to Ireland, if the consignee can accept the shipment.

  • Italy
    The situation is starting to relax more and more. The government has announced that in its “Phase 3” plan, gyms and pools are allowed to reopen. Therefore, most businesses will open again and there should be only minor issues with deliveries.
    On 17 May 2020, the Italian Prime Minister published updated regulations, applicable from 18 May 2020 until 02 June 2020. Freight transport to/from Sicily can only be operated via the port of Messina-Tremestieri. Rules on freight transport from/to Sardinia remain unchanged. For movement between different regions, as intra-region movement is now permitted. Our branches in Italy are open and will continue their operational services.
    Before dispatching your shipment, please make sure that the consignee is in business and able to receive your shipment. In order to ensure that our supply chains remain operational, we are carefully planning our transportation and warehousing capacities. Shipments that can’t be delivered will be returned or stored temporarily - all costs incurred will be charged to the consignor. Thank you for your kind understanding.

  • Kazakhstan
    Foreigners can only enter Kazakhstan in exceptional cases. However, international road freight traffic should not be restricted.

  • Latvia
    The Latvian borders are only open for European citizens, but countries with 15 cases per 100.000 per inhabitant will have to go under a 14-day quarantine. Face masks are also mandatory to wear in public and recommended for drivers.

  • Lithuania
    Lockdown in Lithuania is no longer in place. Citizens of Estonia, Latvia and the EU will be allowed to enter Lithuania without any restrictions and without a quarantine after entry. The ferry travel with Kiel, Rostock, Travemünde, and Klaipėda is permitted again.

  • Netherlands
    The Dutch government has relaxed the lockdown measures and almost all businesses are open again, with only minor issues in deliveries. No delays are reported.

  • Norway
    The government of Norway has closed their border to their neighboring countries. The borders will remain closed for a further 90 days after 15 May 2020. Quarantine for business trips has been reduced to 10 days, for non-Nordic citizens. Persons whose work is necessary to maintain the proper functioning of critical social functions or to satisfy the basic needs of the population, this provision should not apply. Drivers should be exempted from quarantine if they move between their place of residence and their working place and are travelling during the period of their employment. During their free time, the quarantine is mandatory.
    Freight transport is still possible; we are however experiencing delays at the borders.
    The regular ferry cargo line between Kiel and Oslo has been reintroduced and is now running three times a week both ways. The government has announced that the driving and resting time restriction come into effect again immediately.

  • Portugal
    Portugal has entered the third phase of the lockdown, which will end on 30 June 2020. Social distancing is still in place and masks are obligatory in public spaces.
    The borders remain closed and can only be crossed through the following crossing points: Quintanilha, Tui, Vilar Formoso, Elvas, Castro Marim, Vila Verde de Raia (Chaves), Monfortinho (Castelo Branco), Marvão (Portalegre) and Vila Verde de Ficalho (Beja).
    The Portuguese government has now officially ended the quarantine in the Ovar area. Pickups and deliveries are possible again. Regulations on driving and resting times apply again since 01 June 2020.

  • Romania
    Romania has confirmed that the state of emergency in the country has been reduced to a state of alert. Face masks should be worn in public places. Romania imposed travel restrictions, which do not apply to international road freight transport.
    Quarantine rules are now in place for drivers entering into the country, they are however not quarantined at the border.
    The Romanian government has also set up transit corridors through the country, where transit is possible without interruptions.
    There are currently some delays to be expected at the Hungarian – Romanian border. The government also announced that the driving restrictions have been lifted until 31 May 2020, we expect a positive impact on our operations.

  • Russia
    IIt has been announced by the government that the Russian borders will remain closed indefinitely. As of 17 June 2020, controls on access to some regions within Russia remain in place, but freight transport will still be allowed.

  • Serbia
    According to our partners, there is no impact on flow of goods due to current border restrictions for personal/private travel.

  • Slovakia
    Slovakia has decided to open all border-crossing points with their neighboring countries, except for the border with Poland. On the Slovakian-Polish border, controls will be conducted until 26 June 2020. The only open crossing points there are TrstenáChyžné and Vyšný Komárnik-Barwinek.
    The state of emergency were applied to public hospitals, from 16 March 2020 temporary closure measures for shopping centers and some service providers excluding food shops, pharmacies, gas stations etc. Other measures valid from 24 March 2020 are the ban on organizing collective sporting, cultural and social events is extended until further notice. From 22 April 2020 the Slovakian government introduced the first phase of release measures, shops are open except shopping centers.
    On Wednesday, 06 May 2020, the 2nd and 3rd phases of the release of measures were launched, including the operation of taxis and accommodation in a restricted mode, strict hygiene measures must be observed. The 4th phase of release of measures from 20 May 2020: Wearing a protective mask in the exterior at a distance of 5 meters is optional, in the interior it remains obligatory to wear a protective mask. From 21 May 2020 people can visit the Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Poland, Switzerland, Germany, Slovenia and Croatia for 24 hours without testing or quarantine. Catering establishments can provide services in compliance with strict hygiene measures. Shopping centers, cinemas, theaters and other mass events with up to 100 people are also opening. The same conditions must be observed in areas intended for the consumption of food and beverages as in public catering establishments. From June, primary schools will be open on a limited basis. Situation is monitored by the Ministry of Health.

  • Slovenia
    The Slovenian government has updated its regulations on the road freight transport to Slovenia. Only four border crossing points remain open for entry through Italy. The road freight transport from Italy to Slovenia is currently stopped at the border except for:
    • Trucks with their final destination in Slovenia
    • Trucks with postage, medicine equipment, pharmaceutical products or humanitarian help.
    From 31 May 2020, the freight vehicle restrictions on Sundays and holidays are back on for trucks whose weight exceeds 7.5 tons.
    Delay on entry from Croatia is 5 hours, other crossing points have delays up to an hour. We are currently expecting delays of at least 24 hours for all collections and deliveries made.

  • Spain
    Wearing masks in public is mandatory in Catalunya. The Government is currently discussing expanding this over more areas. People are recommended to stay at home for the next two weeks in Barcelona. Shops remain open. This is linked to regional Corona outbreaks in Catalunya. We currently don’t expect any impact on our operations.
  • Sweden
    Businesses are operating as normal. Normal driving and rest periods are applying.

  • Switzerland
    All borders are open since 15 June 2020. In addition, almost all measures have been relaxed. Bars and restaurants no longer have to close at a fixed time.

  • Turkey
    On 27 April 2020, the Turkish government has changed the regulations for truck drivers entering the country to support international trade for most countries. Trucks carrying goods like medicine, medical supplies or food supplies are now prioritized. Drivers in transit through Turkey are required to leave the country as soon as possible and their routes and parking areas, will be given to them by the customs administrations.
    The procedures at the Turkish Border checkpoints are to be adjusted, this includes a disinfection of the trucks. The changed procedures may have an effect on the waiting times at the Turkish border. We will observe how these changes will impact the situation at the border.
    Barbers and shopping malls are allowed to open again. Please check if the consignees are open again before shipping any goods.

  • United Kingdom
    Following a review, all additional lockdown restrictions ended in areas outside of Leicester City and the Borough of Oadby and Wigston on 18 July. This includes Charnwood and Blaby. These areas will now return to national social distancing guidelines. Some additional restrictions will continue in Leicester City and the Borough of Oadby and Wigston but some restrictions will be relaxed on 24 July. Shielding must continue in all areas. The next review will take place by the 1st of August.

  • Ukraine
    On 29 May 2020, Ukraine opened 66 border crossing points on the borders with EU Member States and Moldova. 56 border crossing points on the border with Belarus remain closed because of the epidemiological situation in the country.
    Given the fact that Ukraine and neighboring countries have imposed restrictions on crossing the state borders, the State Border Service of Ukraine has released a list of checkpoints that operate between Ukraine and neighboring countries. In addition, to prevent the spread of COVID-19, Ukraine and most of the neighboring countries have restricted entry of foreigners to their territory. Some border-crossing points remain open to international road transport

What we are doing

We have currently increased the hygiene standards at all our buildings and are regularly informing our employees about the recommendations and preventive measures announced by the authorities and the WHO.

Wherever it is possible, our employees are increasingly working from their home office. This applies to sales and administration operations and the operational units too. There are long-term restrictions on business trips and conferences are now being replaced by virtual meetings. This means that we are not only restricting infection chains, if a real emergency develops, but are also creating backups to maintain operations at our business sites to the best possible degree.

Our drivers are equipped with disinfectants and have been instructed about safety rules.

Do you need more information?

Our dedicated Team in Poland will monitor any developments and decide on further measures.

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