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Records management and storage

In the 21st century information is one of the key business resources, which means it needs to be protected to ensure the continuity of operations and competitive market positions while maintaining compliance with legal requirements and company image needs. Consistent and structured records management is a requirement of today’s world – Rhenus Data Office Polska offers comprehensive management of any records (including technical documents or personal files).

Document storage as such also keeps gaining in importance, and organizations face the challenge of meeting new regulatory obligations concerning the management and storage of records. Privacy issues lie at the core of the process, making security the highest priority. The problem, however, is that most organizations do not have the required know-how or back-office resources and facilities, with new or improved security measures are often a significant cost item.

Records management and storage are Rhenus Data Office Polska core competencies, and customers can take advantage of a wide array of various services. We offer full transparency of our operations, access to professional know-how and are ready to implement standard business processes, which in turn translate into cost optimization and improved security.

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Mailroom Services

Mailroom is one of the key, although highly undervalued business functions. It is the process which affects the quality and speed of internal and external information processing, often related to significant company budgets. Rhenus Data Office Polska offers specialist mailroom service implementation, ensuring the streamlining of the document management processes based on modern and highly effective solutions, resulting in the fast-tracking of various issue resolution, improved security of information, and the lowering of overhead costs.

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Scanning and digitalization

In our everyday life paper documents still play an important part. What is interesting, the volume of paper-based documents, including invoices, contracts, complaints or orders keeps growing, presenting quite a challenge for many businesspeople. In an attempt to face the challenge, Rhenus Data Office Polska develops and implements business processes based on electronic document flow, offering the possibility of combining the worlds of physical and digital documents. Bear in mind, too, that bulk scanning of hard copies and placing their electronic images in the document management systems translates into significant cost savings and improved performance

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Records destruction/shredding

The information era has enabled many businesses to use data for their competitive activities. The quantities of data created and used each day are so extensive and their applications so versatile that organizations need not only effective processing means, but, what may be even more important, secure destruction methods. Companies face the challenge of ensuring effective and compliant comprehensive measures to protect all data containing sensitive business information, including employee and/or customer data. Many of them do not have the required know-how or lack the necessary technical means, with effective shredding solutions becoming a significant overhead cost item. It would appear that a good way to solve this problem would be the outsourcing of the secure document and media collection and destruction to a specialized service provider, such as Rhenus Data Office Polska.

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Document salvage

Important documents should be stored in a manner which prevents their destruction. However, even a carefully selected facility fitted with relevant security measures may become insufficient for specific calamities, such as burst plumbing, fire-fighting activities involving the use of fire-extinguishing liquids or flooding. This is when time is of the essence to be able to restore the valuable information.

Rhenus Data Office Polska helps in specific emergencies by quick-freezing any flooded documents to remove the moisture by sublimation. The freezing process also stops the associated biological, chemical and mechanical damages, with the dry documents being later subjected to gamma radiation to ensure documents are free from dangerous microorganisms which affect the further storage of dried documents.

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