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Rhenus new investment – Logistics Centre Bolesławiec

At the beginning of the year, Rhenus started its own warehousing investment in Wałbrzych Special Economic Zone. The warehouse was built in Bolesławiec – location enabling efficient distribution to several European markets. Excellent road infrastructure (A4 highway, S18 expressway) and the proximity of reloading hubs of leading providers of courier services speak for high attractiveness of this location to potential customers.

Rhenus is a comprehensive logistics operator, which is highly specialized in services for e-commerce channel and from its logistics centres in Poland it executes individual customer orders from a dozen of European countries. Warehouse location in Bolesławiec is a response to the logistic needs of the market and will be especially important for e-commerce projects and Europe-wide omnichannel. The logistics services for e-commerce channel require a logistics operator: a customer-tailored approach, faultless execution of orders and high flexibility. In addition to its excellent location, the logistics centre in Bolesławiec also ensures the possibility of further area development at the next stages of the project. As our experience shows the sales in the online sales channel are hardly predictable and their growth rate is incomparable to the traditional sales channel. An additional challenge is seasonal sales increases. The decision on self-storage investment was dictated among other things, by the need to guarantee our customers high flexibility and potential for further business development.

The construction of a logistics centre in Bolesławiec is the first investment of this type of Rhenus company in Poland. The construction works began in early April this year. The project is divided into several stages, the first of which is already completed. The first stage of construction is 38,000 sqm of warehouse space. In the next phase, a further 17,000 sqm is planned and ultimately 100,000 sqm of warehouse space. The building was built in line with corporate standard of Rhenus company, i.e. higher than the standard currently in force on the Polish warehouse market.

Rhenus company attaches great importance to environmental and social issues. In the construction of a new warehouse the environmentally friendly solutions were applied and the warehouse meets the high environmental requirements and guarantees friendly working environment for our employees. Only in the first stage of the project two 500 sqm of social and office space were planned, suitably spacious parking for 500 cars and bicycle shelters. Green zones were designed and created on the premises of our logistics centre.

The following solutions were used in the construction of the warehouse:

  • LED lighting in the warehouse and throughout the logistics centre;
  • warehouse walls were made of materials with low heat transmission;
  • along the side walls of the warehouse a unique system of front windows with high thermal insulation was used, which also allows extra light into the warehouse space and gives you access to daylight
  • the used ramps are of higher standard, i.e. equipped with loading houses that will reduce heat loss and increase comfort of work

A holistic approach to investments starting from design, execution and subsequent operations of the facility allows to estimate the actual benefits of using ecological solutions. The investments made today will pay off in future by reducing maintenance costs, which in turn should translate into additional competitive advantage of Rhenus company.

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