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Safety and quality are the most important

Comprehensive logistics service, including but not limited to, for the wider industry, including the chemical one, is a field in which Rhenus Group is specialised, carrying out about 4 million supplies of hazardous goods. International and national Rhenus distribution systems are adapted to the requirements of chemical industry including the implementation of ADR transports. Storage and transport solutions are often designed for the individual needs of clients. Rhenus renders its services based on SQAS quality system and ISO 9001:2008.

Complex solutions

The portfolio of our customers includes the suppliers of components for the production lines, manufacturers and distributors of finished products. Products with which we work are solid substances on the pallets and in big bag packaging and liquids substances stored in DPPL containers, barrels, canisters and hob bocks. Rhenus renders complex solutions for chemical industry in the scope of inventory management, national and international groupage, LTL, FTL, including Milk Run and express deliveries to the production lines. Trying to meet customers’ expectations, we offer non-standard services such as, for example, goods’ pumping and sampling. There are also consolidating services in the national and international hubs in our portfolio,.

Being a family company, we combine human approach with the professional one and many years of experience with cutting edge logistics solutions. Supply chain management and consultancy in the scope of rendered logistics services form one of our competences. We optimise supply chains from the organisational and cost perspective, lower risk by taking responsibility for shipments at every stage of the carriage, shorten service realisation process and adapt solutions meeting current clients’ needs.

Outsourcing in industrial and chemical industry

Co-operation with the logistics operator provides the company of industrial or chemical industry significant flexibility and constant level of costs while maintaining high quality of the services provided. Due to biological, physical and chemical properties of chemicals logistic services for the chemical industry impose additional challenges on the operator. Logistics operator should have the necessary experience and documented references in serving the industry, as well as work based on applicable norms and standards. Rhenus Logistics have been working for years with the representatives of chemical industry, our employees and subcontractors have been trained and have knowledge and experience necessary to render the highest level services. We also co-operate with Rhenus Group’s experts from other countries including Rhenus Chemical in Germany, an entity having relevant know-how, specialising in serving chemical industry worldwide.

The most significant challenge faced by the logistics operator in co-operation with the industrial and chemical companies, is to assure safety and quality in the entire supply chain. Rhenus applies all safety measures in storage and during transport. The company’s employees and truck drivers of our subcontractors co-operate with ADR advisers and are trained in the scope of handling hazardous goods in chemical industry and regulations applicable in Poland and European Union. Rhenus has a clear transported goods protection procedure which assures the compliance with binding legal requirements. Advanced IT solutions enable chemical goods management including ADR goods and shipment tracking. Shipments are carried out in accordance with the act on goods’ road transport monitoring system (SENT) which also includes the chemical industry.

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