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Warehousing for e-commerce

Can you run a successful e-commerce business and have time to grow your sales? We will tell you what the fulfillment service is that will revolutionize your business. Read also what is the difference between warehousing and warehousing goods and the importance of goods logistics. Do you sell online? This text is just for you!

What is storage?

The term warehousing covers a number of logistic activities. The process of storing the goods begins when they are verified and accepted into the warehouse, and most often ends with the release of the goods together with the relevant documents for further transport. However, it should be remembered that e-commerce warehousing also often requires handling returns and complaints, i.e. the re-acceptance of goods that have returned to the warehouse for some reason. In this case, the storage does not end with the first release of the goods for further transport, but there is a need to re-prepare the new or repaired goods for release to the customer (after approval of the case).
Storage versus warehousing - what is the difference? Storage is one of the stages of warehousing process. It consists in placing goods in a warehouse. The storage area must be properly prepared depending on the type of goods stored - what matters is the size of the zone, the temperature there, the level of lighting, etc.
The most important role of storage is to create inventory. It is worth having them to respond to the needs of a changing market. A prime example is the COVID-19 pandemic, which has made people rely on their own products and learning new skills. They started buying devices, e.g. for baking bread, hair clippers, professional body care devices, etc.

Warehousing - logistics that you need to adapt to your business

Warehousing is a service that scope may differ depending on the offer of a given company:

  • inbound of goods and quality and quantity control
  • storage of this goods on racks, shelves, blocks
  • repackaging the delivered goods and labeling them with appropriate labels
  • proper management of stored goods
  • handling orders
  • handling complaints and returns from customers,
  • customer service

When choosing a logistics operator, remember that the logistic solution should be tailored to the customer's needs, and these can be very different, e.g. the need to refresh or iron of the stored clothes, occasional packaging or personalization of orders. It also happens that there is a need to dispose of damaged or unsold goods. In summary, a good logistics project is one that allows it to be adapted to the needs of the company.

Fulfillment service for e-commerce - is it worth using?

Fulfillment is a service consisting in outsourcing logistics processes to an external provider of such services. More and more e-commerce fulfillment is used in Poland, because it is a solution that ensures accurate receipt of goods and appropriate storage, order picking, packing and sending orders, as well as comprehensive returns service. Well-organized logistics has a great impact on the company's image. Why? The customer quickly gets the purchased goods and therefore more willingly returns to this store. The purchased goods are not damaged if the e-commerce storage is at a good level. This makes the client more willing to issue a positive opinion. All this means that the store gains more and more satisfied customers who recommend it to their friends.
Fulfillment is not only about e-commerce storage and other logistics processes. This service can be extended with the One Stop E-commerce concept. Its scope includes, among others end customer service, marketing activities, accounting, financial and IT solutions.

What is return logistics?

Return logistics in the e-commerce industry is very important. It must run smoothly to be able to quickly resell the goods. Return logistics includes returning the money to the customer and putting the returned goods on sale. This process is very important in the case of time-limited promotional campaigns - the efficient introduction of the discounted returned goods to stock means that it can be quickly sold, before the promotion ends.
The logistics of returns may also indirectly increase sales. For example, customers are much more likely to buy clothes in stores that offer a lot of time to return - 100 days to think about whether they want to keep the clothes they buy is a great magnet for customers. Such a long period is not a problem if the store has a well-developed and efficient return logistics.

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