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Domestic Groupage

Rhenus Logistics offers comprehensive services in the field of domestic groupage distribution in Poland. The realization of domestic groupage transport services is based on its own, extensive distribution network, which includes consolidation hubs in main locations in the country and local distribution warehouses. Daily connections allow transport of groupage shipments within 24 hours throughout the country.

Extensive groupage distribution network

The Rhenus groupage network consists of 6 own, regional terminals and 7 partner terminals. We carry out over 40,000 shipments per month in Poland. Rhenus has many years of experience in running distribution projects for various industries, and offers non-standard groupage services (distribution of heavy and undersized pallets, ADR).

Road transport offer

Rhenus offers a reliable groupage distribution service, specializing mainly in shipments for the broadly understood industry including, among others, chemical industry, construction industry and automotive. Domestic distribution service also includes a number of additional services such as management of returnable packaging, consolidation and repacking of cargo, POD and COD service. In addition to standard pallet shipments, non-standard transports such as log goods or ADR transports are carried out.

Domestic distribution system

The domestic Rhenus groupage distribution system is based on reliable IT solutions. The transport system enables to:

  • registering an order or several orders at the same time,
  • printout of transport documentation,
  • tracking the status of an on-line shipment
  • reporting

The domestic distribution system is fully integrated with Rhenus' international distribution network, as well as with the customer's warehouse inventory management system as part of comprehensive logistics projects. Automation of data flow and process transparency allow for error-free management of distribution projects and flexible response in the case of exceptional or express shipments.



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