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High-Tech Logistics

Rhenus  is the leader on High-Tech market. The company has been running since 1967 and since 2012 it has been a part of Rhenus Group. The company employs 520 employees, owns a fleet containing 200 special vehicles and 44,000 m2 of storage area. International distribution network enables deliveries in 24-hour system in Poland and 72-hour system in Europe.

Unique tools and solutions

Means of Transport

Trucks eligible to transport vibrations – fragile goods

  • Up to 3 tons capacity
  • Interior load-locking systems
  • Mobile communication devices
  • GPS modules on board
  • EURO 5 engines and higher
  • Interior height of trucks more than 2.3 m

Transport solutions

Logistic Solutions:

  • Complex project management starting from concept, through planning, implementation to continuous improvement
  • Synergy effect – resources utilization within Rhenus partner companies
  • Active cooperation with the customer in order to achieve the best service adjustment
  • Environmental care – cooperation with recycling companies
  • Quality certificates

Ensuring efficient, secure and safe handling of sensitive products:

  • Unique handling equipment “JIMMY” & “BOBBY”
  • Stair climbing devices
  • Stretch foil and bubble wrap, corner protection
  • Floor protection plates 
  • Special tools

Special equipment

"BOBBY" pallet

  • European patent
  • Safe transport of pre-installed and unpacked copiers
  • More efficient and time-saving fitting of devices 
  • Improved load factor
  • Different footprint sizes with adaptable fixation fit all machine types
  • It is re-usable, saves packaging material and is most eco-friendly
  • Improved load factor

Handling equipment "JIMMY"

  • Allows to move devices of irregular forms and dimensions
  • Adaptable to many devices
  • Stair climbing devices up to 1,000 kg
  • IT system BNS: Order tracking from any internet access Point

Knowledge and experience

  • Benefits from 100 years experience of Rhenus Group in distribution and 50 years of practice in special technical deliveries 
  • Highly qualified Rhenus Midi Data employees assuring best in class customer Service
  • Constant skills improvement of employees (multidimensional candidate evaluation; periodic trainings in scope of specific product requirements; building competence centers – updating and gathering of  knowledge on completed projects with particular emphasis on their specific)


Storage and handling of goods

  • Storage in high-tech warehouse facilities
  • Inbound handling including quantity & quality control
  • Intermediate storage and consolidation
  • Picking processes
  • Special transport safety features
  • Spare parts stock management
  • Preconfigurations centres

Technical distribution

  • Site-surveys, project coordination and project lead by experienced transport professionals
  • Pick-up at seaport / airport / manufacturing site
  • European dedicated transports with Rhenus special fleet
  • Certified, skilled and experienced technicians (mechanics/ electricians)
  • Pre-adviced on-site deliveries
  • On request-operations coordination with client’s technical teams
  • Unpacking, positioning and packaging, removing packaging and cleaning up after distribution
  • Special equipment
  • Cabling and connecting of components
  • Return logistics
  • “Just-in-Time” deliveries

Technical Services

  • Positioning and leveling of the device
  • Installations
  • Calibrations
  • Device start-up and functional tests
  • Mounting on floor, wall or ceiling depending on customer’s needs
  • Disassembling of used devices
  • Cabling and connecting of components
  • LAN / WLAN integration
  • Handover of documentation to field engineer or end-user


Industry sectors

  • Copy and printing
  • Banking
  • Medical and healthcare
  • Digital signage
  • Vending
  • Fitness and wellness
  • IT and telecommunication

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