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Warehouse Logistics

We are a specialized and experienced logistic service provider designing and implementing warehouse solutions suited to customer’s requirements.
We offer various models of cooperation: “multiuser”, dedicated and “in-house” solutions. We conduct operations within the range of several dozen European markets from our logistic centres.
For 15 years we have been developing our own warehouse management system Rhenus WMS combining experts’ experience with specialist knowledge.


We treat each logistic project individually. Analysis and designing of storage processes constitute a basis for further logistic offer.

Underneath we present the range of our services (in the order consistent with warehouse process)

  • Quality, quantity control and inbound of goods
  • Storage of goods (pallet rackin system, compartment shelving system, in blocks)
  • Repackaging, labeling
  • Inventory management (FIFO, LIFO, FEFO)
  • The full range of value added services (VAS) among others dealarming, ironing and dry cleaning, premium packaging and personalisation of orders
  • Comprehensive reverse logistics
  • Customer service, invoicing
  • Customs Services
  • Waste removal
  • Other additional services to satisfy the specific requirements of customers

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