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Logistics for fashion

An individual customer in fashion industry wants to have the purchased goods in the best condition, i.e. clean, fresh and not creased. Rhenus responsibility is to use a proper storage system and provide conditions in the warehouse which will guarantee maintaining good quality of stored goods.


Rhenus mainly offers dedicated projects with custom solutions for fashion.

In our warehouses clothes are storred in conditions that minimize a possibility of dusting, moistening or intercepting foreign odors. Goods are stored in accordance with specifics of a particular group of goods, i.e. on racks or shelves.


Fashion industry distinguishes itself with high dynamics and unpredictability. Not only the introduction of a new collection triggers changes in warehouse work dynamics. Other important factors are: adopting collection to a particular season, suiting collection to current market trends and even the current weather. Seasonal nature in fashion industry is a considerable challenge particularly in the e-commerce challenge where we are dealing with many factors being beyond any control and having a considerable effect on warehouse work. A warehouse during a period of sales growth has to increase its efficiency maintaining the highest quality of processes. Logistic handling of seasonal nature in fashion industry requires not only several months of preparation, but above all, experience which Rhenus had been gaining for years during which we have developed procedures of managing resources, organizing temporary workers and reorganization of storage area in the warehouse.


Rhenus WMS system allows dynamic adjustment of storage and packing areas to the season. This functionality enables us to optimize the warehouse area. Fashion in e-commerce requires adjustment of additional processes such as, e.g. personalization of order, selection and sticking proper price (in case of an international project) or attaching a gift card.

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