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Logistics for fashion

Fashion industry is characterized by high seasonality and unpredictability that can be influenced by weather and the popularity of the collection that can successfully fit into the prevailing trends and customers’ expectations. Logistics for fashion differs depending on the sales channel and the scale of the project.

Flexibility of processes

The introduction of a new collection is one of the aspects affecting the dynamics of logistic processes in the warehouse. Other important factors are adjusting the collection to the season and fitting the collection in current market trends. Finally the customer decides about the purchase and up to his demands the logistic processes need to be adjusted.
The next challenges are seasonal sales peaks. Customers’ behaviour can be very spontaneous, created by a sudden trend, often stimulated by social media. In the sales growth the warehouse has to increase its efficiency several times while maintaining the highest quality of processes. Sales peaks verify the professionalism of the logistics service provider. Seasonal growths in the fashion industry requires not only appropriate, several months of preparation, but above all, the experience that is gained over the years.
Rhenus has many years of experience in logistics services for the fashion industry.  Developed procedures for managing resources and appropriate infrastructure planning allow Rhenus to carry out large international projects for the clothing industry. 

Customised solutions

Logistic projects for fashion are very often too demanding to be integrated in multiuser warehouses for other industries, as storage conditions should minimize the possibility of dust, humidity or foreign odours. Most often logistics projects for fashion  are dedicated and require non-standard, designed for this industry solutions. Rhenus is a supplier of comprehensive logistic solutions for fashion and provides support for the entire supply chain. Rhenus provides warehouse services, modeling and photographic studio services and a broad spectrum of value-added services (labeling, creation of promotional sets, premium packaging, as well as refreshing, ironing and repair of returned goods). Other categories of services are return logistics, IT services and comprehensive packaging logistics management for online sales. Cooperation with Rhenus ensures high process flexibility and a constant level of costs of logistics operations while maintaining high quality of services.

Logistic services for fashion:

  • Warehouse services
    Warehouse solutions for various groups of product, racks, shelving systems, storage on hangers, picking of orders for individual clients
  • Value-added services (VAS)
    Folding, labeling, creating sets, premium packaging, personalization, adding leaflets, samples etc.
  • Distribution logistics
    Pallet transport, LTL, FTL, transport management to the individual customer
  • Rverse logistics
    Returns, quality control, refreshing, ironing, washing and utilization

Logistics for fashion

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